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cm’s yesterday, cm’s today

manmohan singh’s cabinet has taken a long time to come. and guess whom we see in the ministeries??? all ex-chief ministers are now cabinet minsters.

here’s a small list of such people:
sm krishna
veerappa moily
virbhadra singh
vilas rao deshmukh
farooq abdullah
sharad pawar
ghulam nabi azad
sushil kumar shinde
ak anthony
vayalar ravi

they are senior leaders and have served the party well. and their cm tenure should have been more than enough. why make them cabinet ministers? they were cm[chief minister] yesterday, they are cm[cabinet minister] today!

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MNS Disrupts Photo-shoot

MNS does it again. A few days back they disrupted the photo-shoot which was happening in a Juhu, Mumbai.

Neetu Chandra and Krishikha Gupta

The ph0to-shoot was no doubt hot, as Neetu Chandra and Krishikha Gupta were slugging it out on the poolside in a bikini.

Neetu Chandra and Krishikha Gupta

While they were still in the heat of the moment, loud sloganeering ‘Jai Maharashtra’ was heard. And soon enough, the MNS goons appeared and they halted the photo-shoot.

Neetu Chandra and Krishikha Gupta

The shoot was on for the cover of The Man magazine, when Raj Thackeray‘s men stopped proceedings.

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BigB Wax Idol In Madame Tussauds NYC

Amitabh Bachchan’s wax idol now makes its debut in the Madame Tussauds Museum in New York.

A close up of the wax figure

The backdrop of the statue is a replica of the Taj Mahal.

A wax figure of Amitabh Bachchan on display

In fact, this idol is much better than the one which they had put-up in London. The previous idol seemed amateurish, while this looks fine; they got the proportions right and the face is much-much better. So, do rush to NYC and photograph yourself with BigB.

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ipl2 finals – kal ke zero, aaj ke hero

last year ipl ended with RCB and DC being at the bottom of the points table. and this year, we have RCB and DC being the finalists of ipl2.

in fact, at the beginning of ipl2, RCB did not have a good start. but change of captaincy and change of attitude has helped them. on the other hand, DC started off the tourney in a great way under the leadership of gilchrist.

whoever wins tomorrow, ipl2 has been a success. i will be cheering RCB, may the best team win. both the teams are winners, coming back from the dumps. zero yesterday, hero today!

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with power comes arrogance …

manmohan singh was sworn-in yesterday as the new pm of india. it was a momentous occasion as the 15th lok sabha had given a decisive verdict in favour of congress(i) and since 1971, manmohan singh is the first pm to complete a full 5 yrs term and voted back to power.

since 1991, this has been cong’s best performance with a whopping 200+ seats. and this unpredicted success has probably gone to their head. they are suddenly found distancing themselves from their allies. while dmk was over-expecting by asking for so many ministries, but yet cong should try and mend their ways and politely disagree. no point in angering your allies, they will come handy during crisis and approval of important bills.

similarly, even rjd and sp should be kept in good humour. lalu yadav has been behind the cong and supported sonia gandhi during worst of crisis like ‘foreign origin’ issue etc. i surely do believe that cong should try and keep all their allies happy by distributing the goodies with everybody. cong should share the pie with everybody and not just make them eat humble pie. cong is in danger of falling into the power-trap, coz with power comes arrogance…

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time management personality types

recently i had a session on time management and quite a lot of things were spoken about skills and techniques involved in using time in a more efficient manner.  my personal opinion, albeit a little philosophical, is that we don’t manage time but time manages us. time for me is synonymous with destiny, as we usually say time-time ki baat hai

anyways, coming back to the session, a very interesting thing remained with me even after walking out of the session. it was about the various time management personality types based on the way in which different types of people manage themselves within the given time-frame or how they use their time, their behaviour pattern etc. here goes the types, place yourself in it:

perfectionist: these guys are, more often than not, over-indulgent. they get into minute details and begin micro-managing things. they never do a hurried job coz they want to be precise about everything.

fireman: these people treat every incident as critical. they are always on the run, from one crisis to another. they are busy putting out fire, extinguish one then move to the next. they burn-out soon, that’s a major consequence.

over-committer: these guys accept every task that comes their way. they just cannot refuse anything that’s asked of them. this results in them always running away from the very people who have assigned him tasks.

chatty-kathy: these guys have very good communication skills and thye just can’t stop themselves from indulging into small-talk with every tom-dick-harry. this talkative nature leads to pending tasks and unfinished work.

aquarian: these are another breed of people who have work piled on their desk. but its not because they are chatty, its because they are tardy. not just tardy, sometimes they don’t even have the wllingness to perform.

having read these, where do you place yourself?

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KKR salvage pride, MI bring shame

kkr have won the last two matches and salvaged some pride. in fact, they have ended their ipl2 on a positive note with a win. this will boost them up as well as bring some cheer to srk. and more importantly, it was not a match of no consequence. kkr’s win actually resulted in rajasthan royals being out of the tourney. that in itself would have given them immense satisfaction. kkr peaked a little too late; a case of too little, too late.

on the other hand, MI haven’t played to their potential at all. they have been a big let-down. the team that boasts of tendulkar, jayasuriya, zaheer khan etc just haven’t played their best cricket. they have lost 3 close matches which they should have won. if a team can’t chase 120[lost to RCB] and if they can’t score 4 runs off 6 balls then they don’t deserve to be in the semis.

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