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Music Review : Delhi Belly

The way Bhaag DK Bose song is catching up with the youth, the idiom ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ will soon change to ‘Don’t judge a soap by its lather’.

Saabun ki Shakal mei,
beta tu toh nikla kewal jhaag,
Bhaag bhaag DK Bose DK Bose DK Bose …

This rollicking song with the cryptic slander has a good rhythm and easy on the tongue. You will start humming/swearing it even before the song finishes playing in your music player. The lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya and crooning by Ram Sampath, the music director himself, adds a zing to it. You have some new similies like ‘piddi jaissa chuhaa dum pakda toh nikla kala naag‘ and ‘Dekha toh katora Jhaanka toh kuaa‘. Really innovative stuff from the duo.

Another song that will catch on immediately is the qawalli styled song ‘Teri Tirchhi Nazar Ne Dil Ko Kar Diya Puncture‘; except that ‘puncture’ is pronounced as ‘penchar‘. You might wonder why so, but the reason becomes evident soon enough as the Keerti Sagathia, the singer, starts howling ‘penchar, penchar, penhcar‘ as if he was cursing somone ‘bhench*%, bhench*%, bhench*%‘. And then the qawalli gets back on track with ‘Nakkaddwaley Disco, Udhaarwaley Khisko’. The qawalli has some hilarious lyrics like:

Tumko Dekha Toh Kho Gaya
Main Fell In Love Sa Ho Gaya
Socha Tumne Bhi Hint Diya
Lekin Sandal Ka Print Diya
Dil Tukde Tukde Ho Gaya
Uss Din Main Jaldi So Gaya
Hoye Maara Tune Left Right And Center
Hoye Sandal Sandal Sandal Sandal Sandal

Just as this song gets over, the next song drives you crazy again. The ‘Saigal Blues‘ is a fantastic attempt at trying to re-invent Saigal and induce it with a soft rock like quality. The result is amazing. The singing and the guitar piece are in perfect sync, as it takes you to another world where Saigal could have been our answer to Eagles. Make no mistake, its not a remixed song that was sung by Saigal. Chetan Shashital has re-sung the song & imitated Saigal to perfection. Superb effort by the singer and the guitarist-drummer combo.

Bedardi Raja is a naughty song with folksy flavour, on the same lines as Munni Badnaam. Sona Mohapatra isn’t Mamta Sharma, but she has given her best. More than the rustic flavour, the lyrics let the song down. It isn’t catchy enough! It tries to lure you to listen to the entire song, but fails at the interlude itself. You can somehow drag yourself to the end of the song, but you’d rather listen to Munni Badnaam and be much entertained.

When there is everything else, there has to be a Punjabi bhangra number too. Going by the trends in TWM and other movies based in north, especially Delhi, it has become a regular feature to push in a Punjabi song; and so here’s Switty. Switty Tera Pyaar Chahida sung by Keerti Sagathia is no winner unlike Kabhi Saddi Gali Bhul Ke Bhi Aaya Karo; but its fun. Not so much fun to deserve a remix, but you have the Switty Punk too. Ram Sampath takes to the mike and helps Keerti to pump up the energy, and it almost works.

Then comes the Tere Siva song, the only soft romantic number of the album. Tarannum Mallik & Sampath do a fine job, especially Sampth who shows a great range. He has good control over his vocals, from Switty punk to this song.

Tere Siva Duniya Mein Kuch Bhi Na Dikhta Hai
Tera Nasha Chahaya Hai, Chhaaya Hai, Chhaaya Hai
Ye Nasha Badh Jaaye Na
Kahin Ragon Mei Chadh Jaye Na
Tere Bin,
Kuch Na Rahoo Pyaar Mein
Bus Kar Jaaye Na

After this, the kiddish high school song starts irritating you. I hate you like I love you, sung by Sona Mohapatra and Keerthi Sagathia, has juvenile lyrics. And even the music is a bit on the regular indi-pop style of the 90’s.

Tere Jaisa Zaalim Milta Hai Naseeb Se,
Dil Hai Tera Khanjar Ghaayal Karde Kareeb Se

And last but not the least, Jaa Chudail sung by Suraj Jagan, is a rock song clearly inspired by Amit Trivedi.

Chhoti Chotti Baaton Se Hai
Tune Jo Sataaya Mujhe
Ungli Pe Nachaa Ke Tune
Choona Jo Lagaaya Mujhe

Arre Ja.. Ja .. Ja
Go To Hell

Arre Ja.. Ja .. Ja
I Want Silence
Ja Chudail .. Ja Chudail

This song will find favor among lovelorn people, especially guys. The lyrics for the new generation goes down well and you can relate to the angst. But then, it just ends as yet another rock song.

Overall, its a nice album with a good mix of sounds from different genres and streams. From rock to blues to folksy to rap to romantic song, it has all. Very good effort by Ram Sampath whose talent is on total display. I am sure he will find more work after this album. Go for it … bhaag Bose DK.

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Music Review : 7 Khoon Maaf

Tere Liye Tere Liye
Lafzon Mei, Lamhon Ki, Doliyan Laaye Hain
Sheron Mei, Khushboo Ki, Boliyan Laaye Hain

Yes, this is a gift from Gulzar & Vishal to all of us; a gift of musical words detailing certain moments which have been carefully crafted. Teaming with Vishal Bharadwaj yet again, Gulzar brings us this buoquet of songs with flowers of all moods.

Halki Si Sardiyan Aur Saans Garam Ho
Shaamo Ki Shawl Bhi, Thodi Si Narm Ho
Tere Liye Kishmish Chuney, Pistey Chuney, Tere Liye
Humne To Parindo Se, Baaghon Ke Saude Kiye

The sweetness of Suresh Wadkar’s voice pours honey into our ears. This song Tere Liye is sweeter than the lullaby Jag Ja that Wadkar sang in Omkara. There is a romantic huskiness that he has infused into the song and that actually works for it. Wish other musicians would utilize his voice too, its been such an under-used voice.

The same can be said of KK too. When I heard him in O’Mama, I felt I was hearing his voice after such a long time. KK rocked the song. His voice is perfect for that pitch and the high-level energy.

Aise Dabey Paon Aaye Woh Ki Chhaap Na Ho
Khwaab Mei Mil Jaaye Lekin Woh Khwaab Na Ho
Umeed To Nahin, Phir Bhi Umeed Ho
Koi To Iss Tarah, Aashiq Shaheed Ho

And the way Gulzar glides from sweet melody to a rock song mode is fantastic. This reminded me of Mai Khuda from Paanch. Vishal’s composition of this song is superb, with great orchestration.

But Vishal does not restrict himself to composing, he takes to the mike too. The song Bekaraan is similar sounding to the title song of Kaminey. The same voice quality and softness is in display. Its like an onion that he peels, layer after layer; wallowing in emotions.

Ik Zara Dekhiye To, Aapke Paon Taley
Kuchh To Atka Hai Kahin, Waqt Se Kahiye Chaley
Udti Udti Si Nazar Mujhko Chhoo Jaye Agar
Ek Tasleem Ko Har Baar Meri Aankh Jhuki Hai
Aap Ko Dekh Ke Badi Der Se Meri Saans Ruki Hai

Its a beautiful poetic expression of how time comes to a stand-still and the tender request to let time move on as the moment hath passed. Gulzar is a true wizard of words and phrases.

His devotional lyrics in Yeshu song has a haunting feel of loneliness and search for the Almighty. It highlights the fact that we think of the Lord only at times of desperation and need for a saviour, much like the way a child looks to hide itself in the safe arms of his mother.

Koi Nahin Iss Waqt Yahan
Iss Waqt Mujhe Apnaana
Aagosh Mei Apni Le Lo
Phir Chaahe Jahan Le Jaana

But what’s even more remarkable is the way Gulzar paints the picture of Christ bearing the cross, although his love is all encompassing.

Tum Pyaar Hi Pyaar Ho Lekin
Kya Pyaar Saleeb Hoti Hai

Rekha Bharadwaj has sung this soft number in an inimitable voice that envelops empathy, love, yearning, desperation and loneliness. Each line of the song has an accentuated expression. What was surprising was that, there was no church-bell or sounds of gong or a ticking clock in the song.

In the album, the above song is preceeded by another rock number Dil Dil Hai, sung by Suraj. Not many may recall but Suraj had sung the Zahreelay Zahreelay song in Rock On! Here too, Suraj has put in all his energy.

Dil Dard Ki Matki Hai, Dil Jaan Ki Aafat
Badmashiyan Karke, Dikhlaaye Sharafat
Jo Dil Ko Chura Le, Dil Uski Amaanat
Sab Ishq Ke Mujrim, Ik Dil Ki Zamaanat

John Abraham is a rock star in the movie, so I guess this song would be picturised on him. I don’t recall any rock songs of Gulzar, prior to this album, but here he gives us two gems. The words are not there as fillers, these are well meaning lyrics and not casual rhymes. Hats off to Gulzar for switching between genres/subjects of different songs without diluting the intensity. And accolades to Vishal too.

While we think that all moods have been covered, Vishal surprises us with Awaara song. Sung beautifully by Master Saleem, this is fabulous song describing a nomadic existence. A life of wantoness, moving from one place to another without being rooted.

Awaara Awaara
Hawa Pe Rakhe Sookhe Patte, Awaara
Paon Zameen Pe Lagte Hi Udd Lete Hain Dobara
Na Shaakh Judey, Na Jadh Pakdey
Mausam Mausam Banjara
Awaara Awaara

Saleem has added another dimension to the song by singing it with such gusto, else it would have become just another song. Anyhow, I fear this still could just end-up becoming one of the lesser heard songs from the movie.

And now for the Darling song that is the face of the movie as part of the first trailer.

Darling, Aankhon Se Aankhen Chaar Karne Do
Roko Na Roko Na Mujhko Pyaar Karne Do
Bekaif Hai Bahara, Bechain Jaane Yaara
Bulbulon Ko Abhi Intezaar Karne Do

I was so happy to hear Usha Uthup sing again; and alongside Rekha Bharadwaj, that was such a treat. They complement each other very well, without stomping on each other’s foot. Both bring their own uniqueness to the song and can be audibly distinguished. Also, since they have sung on different notes and pitch it enriches the hearing experience. The “rrrr” factor as in Darrrrrling and Rrrrokona is so rhythmic.

Even the reprise of the song, Doosri Darling, is fantastic. That song has a faster tempo making it sound like a remix which it is not. The two versions are very distinct, one from this land and the other from beyond the Khyber Pass, lyrically.

Finally the acoustic version of O’Mama is a slow painful reprise of the original song. The cat’s meow seems a lot mellow here as KK restrains himself. If the original was a full blown act, this is a quickie; same effect but low in intensity.

Overall, the album is a collector’s as well as a listener’s delight.

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Best Music Albums Of 2010

I don’t usually write countdown of best movies and best songs etc, but today when I was looking into my cd rack to play some songs, I realized that I had such few albums of 2010. I quickly sat down to list the 10 best albums of 2010. And guess what? I did not have 10! What the heck, why should there be a countdown at all. So, I just ended up listing the best albums of the year gone by. Here’s my list, in no particular order:

Ishqiya : This was a much awaited album, all thanks to Vishal Bharadwaj and Gulzar. Their previous work Kaminey had blown me away and I was looking forward to this. Ishqiya music was way different from Kaminey, but effective nevertheless. Since the setting was different, the music had to be more rustic and non-refined. Badi Dheere Jali and Ab Mujhe Koi are the real gems of this album, beautifully sung by Rekha Bharadwaj and so well penned by Gulzar; it brings out the melancholy and pathos of the character. But the songs that actually went onto become chartbusters were Ibn-e-batuta and Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji. In fact, the later lent itself into a movie title. The guitar strumming in country music mode, lyrics in a ghazalesque mood and Rahat Fateh Ali singing in a sufi tone; what a combination. This was the first album of 2010 that I liked.

LSD : After OLLO, Sneha Khanwalkar made a special place for herself in the music world. I still keep listening to Superchor, Tu Raja Ki Rajdulaari and the title track. So, there was a lot of expectation from LSD and she did not let us down. The dazed tracks of Tu Gandi Achhi Lagti Hai and the title track of the movie are a killer. The lyrics are so real, non-glossy and in-your-face. Sample the song I Can’t Hold It Any Longer, followed by FO FO; how much more blunt can you get! The entire theme of the movie is captured through various songs, including the fun number Love, Bollywood Style. True tribute to Adi Sir.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai : This album was a nice surprise. Initially I had liked only the Mohit Chauhan number Pee Loon, more so for the retro picturization with Prachi Desai dressing up like Dimple Kapadia of Bobby. The Tulsi Kumar version of Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mei, that I kept hearing on radio channels, wasn’t very impressive. But then Rahat Fateh Ali’s rendition made me notice this song. Parda song was a nice throw back to the cabaret songs of the 1980′s. Overall a good album.

Dabangg : Another unlikely album which seemed to be all about Munni Badnaam, but actually turned out to be much more. Lalit of Jatin-Lalit fame gave the movie a much needed impetus with the Munni Badnaam song. But the song Tere Mast Mast Do Nain, actually took away my chain. Rahat Fateh Ali’s voice has this rare quality that pulls you towards it and tugs at the strings of the heart. The title track sung by Sukhwinder Singh is also good, totally coarse in approach and great drumbeats. After years of promotion by Salman Khan, Sajid-Wajid finally have got the limelight.

Raavan : This is my favourite album of 2010. Some great lyrics by Gulzar and inspired music by ARR, Raavan was a treat. The hard hitting Thok De Killi, the soft and romantic Behne De, the yearning of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Vey and the wedding celebratory song Kata Kata Bechara Bakra. Even the soft number Khili Re Khili and Beera which starts with African drumbeats was good.

Apart from these 5 albums, there were quite a few other albums which had a couple of good songs but lacked in consistency and quality. My Name Is Khan had two good songs in Tere Naina and Sajda. Even romantically inclined movies like Break Ke Baad, I Hate Luv Storys and Anjaana Anjaani did not have great songs. A dheemi-dheemi here, a Bin Tere and Jab Mila Tu there. Just about average, but FM channels played it no end and made it sound like classic pieces. Dooriyan Bhi Hai Zarooriyan sung by Vishal Dadlani and Monica Dogra, now Shai of Dhobi Ghat fame, did give some strength to the song. But that was that. Aisha and Udaan were the other two albums that had great potential but fell short on expectations. I would love to mention Enthiran here, but since I am talking only Bollywood movies, I am going to leave it out. Although there was a hindi voice-dub, te lyrics was a big let down but the music was ok. I ended the year by listening to Band Baaja Baarat and Guzarish songs. But even they don’t make it to the list.

Anyways, let me know your list.

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Enthiran : Music Launch & First Reaction

It will soon be a week since Enthiran had its audio launch in Malaysia with much fanfare, but no one is talking about the music of the movie. I have been waiting for someone to post a review of the songs, but now I am tired of waiting. So here I am, bursting on all seams, to give my first reaction. Yes, its not a music review per se but just my reaction.

Like all Rahman albums, I had been waititng for this one too. And finally its out and its just about ok. The sounds are not new anymore, just a jaded effort from the maestro. The techno sounds, keyboard tunes and the robotic beeps are a little amateurish. The best song for me was Arima Arima sung beautifully by Hariharan and Sadhna Sargam. The song takes you back to Kappaleri Poyaachu song from Indian. It has a war/revolution like feel to it, with marching beats and Sadhna’s soothing voice while Hariharan takes the high notes with flair. The instrumentation is fantastic with the additional voices of Naresh and Benny adding that extra zing. I am sure this song will be the face of the movie promos as humanoids promise to be our future.

Another favourite song from this album is Kadhal Anukkal which has a very light feel to it. Wonderful strumming of the guitar and it starts with a lazy elegance, just like Rubaroo from RDB. Vijay Prakash lends the country feel to the song with the drag in the words and pronunciation to bring about the ‘lazy elegance’ that I was talking about. Sherya Ghoshal has done well too. Vijay manages to pull off the song , but fails to do what Naresh had doen to Rubaroo; partly because the mood here is a lot different from RDB. Anyways, be ready to hear lyrics with words like ‘newton’, ‘electron’, ‘proton’ and everything thats remotely related to science. Its all there and not just limited to robotics!

Talking about robotic beeps, Puthiya Manitha is a lacklustre song. There is a crooning effect in the entire song, probably to bring out the feeling of being surrounded by science and all the enigma that ensues robotics technology. This is the title song and also the first song in the album, and obviously it sings praises of a robot. SPB and Rahman have lent their voices to this rather weak song.

By the way, I have always wondered how Rahman decides which song he should lend his voice to. I mean, in every movie he has sung a song. But what’s the criteria for chosing the song? Is it the difficulty level, or the voice quality that he is looking for, or the right attitude to approach a song? His choices are so different, be it the Dil Se title track or the jazz based JTYJN title track or Beera etc.

Rahman takes to the mike again in Irumbile Oru Idhayam, rapped by Kash ‘n’ Krissy. This is another song that has techno beats all throughout with some inane rappings that sound like Dr.Jones. The rapping is really monotonous and no amount of techno beat saves the song. Of course, Rahman does justice to the song here, but its not all that groovy.

Javed Ali, another regular of Rahman, gets to sing the Kilimanjaro song which has some really strange musical pieces. It starts with African beats but sounds earthy in its feel. Lot of experimentation with the instruments and vocal chords; and of course the lyrics where Kilimanjaro has been rhymed with Mohenjodaro. And for once, Javed Ali brings some expression to a song. I have always felt that he sings a song flatly, without getting into it; as in Jashn-e-bahara in JA. Here, Chinmayee has added a much needed peppy-ness to the song, and that might’ve forced Javed to sing in a relaxed and jovial fashion. Whatever it was, as long as it entertains, I am good. The end result is a fun song; but it doesn’t stay with you for long. Actually, the whacky lyrics will refuse to get out of your head.

Here’s a revisit to theme tune of Patti Rap, that’s how the song Boom Boom Robo Da begins. Another of the techno songs in the album, with Tamil rap and various voices of Yogi, Keerthi etc. By the time you get to this song, you are completley exhausted with all the techno stuff and all the lyrics alluding to deep space, robotics, science and its wonders.

This could be one of the weaker albums of Rahman, I preferred Raavan to this. But no matter what, I will continue listening to it and doing the Chitti Dance until the movie releases on 3rd Sept.

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Raavan : Maoist Connection & Music Review

Have been listening to the music of Raavan non-stop. I had tweeted quite sometime back that rahman+gulzar = magic; and that’s coming true again. The album has been an overwhelming experience with some fantastic and fresh sounds that haven’t been heard before. Rahman’s musical notes and Gulzar’s thoughtful lyrics make for a great listening experience.

Let me start with the controversial topic of maoism/naxalism. Like Dil Se, Bombay and Roja, Mani Ratnam has picked up another socially relevant theme for the silverscreen. I loved his terror ravaged trilogy and this time around I am hoping that he has got it right again. The theme of naxalism is sprayed around by Gulzar in a strong yet poetic charm in two of the songs.

I shall first discuss the comical song Kata kata bechara bakra which is fun to begin with, but has the references to naxalites. The theme of the song is age-old, of a man getting married and hence being called ‘bechara bakra’ ready for the chopping block.

kata kata bechaara bakra kata kata bechaara
mana mana le khair maanale aakhari raat kuwaara

But soon after that follows these words :

dulhe miya dulhe miya dand-vand pelo
dulhe miya chhodo joru jhaarkhand le lo

The village folks ask the guy to do some body-building [dand-vand pelo]; forget about his wife and chase the cause of ‘jharkhand’. Gulzar slips in the message with such subtlety. The song has a beautiful earthy feel with Sapna Avasthi and Ila Arun bringing the Rajasthani folk flavor and turning it into a celebration of sorts. This is only the second time that Sapna Avasthi has sung for Rahman, 10 years after Chaiyya Chaiyya, and she still sounds as energetic as she was back then. Although the credits mention Kunal Ganjawala, his voice is totally lost amidst so many voices in the chorus.

Since we all know that the movie is titled Raavan for a reason. And where there is Raavan, there has to be a Ram and Sita too. This melancholic song Behne De sounds like Ram’s heart bleeding for Sita after she has been kidnapped by Raavan.

Umeed ko aag laga zara
Sehra ki pyaas bujha zara
Ghan itna baras ke galne lagoon
Mei paani ke upar tarne lagoon

A man missing his sweetheart very badly, that’s what the song is about. It also speaks about the deep bonding and love between two inseparable beings. It has the feel of emptiness that is expressed beautifully in words and perfect pitched voice of Karthik.

Shart lagi hai mar jaane ki
Jeena hai toh pyaar mei
Dil kahin bhi ho mera
Jaan rakhi hai yaar mei
Behja behja hai saagar ka kehna
Behja behja hai nadiya ko behna

Coming back to the theme of naxalism, there is another song Thok De Killi which has been powerfully sung by Sukhwinder Singh. Its a scorn against the caste/class barrier, about the have’s and have-nots. It first describes the condescending look that the upper caste/class people give to the downward trodden:

Sabko ghoore aankh dikhaye
Tanashahi kare daraye
Oh baakad billi hey

And then, the song goes on to say that no one has ever discussed the problems of people below poverty line.

Aaja milke baithe
Haal sunaave dil ka
Kela woh khaate hain
Humko phenke chilka chilka

The despair of being teased as ‘backward’ is brilliantly penned in the song. The instrumentation is fabulous and the drum beats are that of an uprising against this class/caste barrier.

Pichde pichde keh ke humko
Khoob udaye khilli dilli
Sehte sehte ab toh
Gardan ghar rakh kar jaate hai
Choti ho gayi kabren
Bin mundi hi mar jaate hain

The gross violence inflicted against the backward castes by the upper-caste is very well described in the last 3 lines of the above stanza. It speaks of the gruesome acts of terror where people are beheaded callously and the body being buried while heads are being tossed out. Such a painful act of violence has been put down so effectively. I am sure the movie will capture the essence of the song well.

sadiyon se chalata aaya hai
unch ninch ka lamba kissa
abb ki baar hisaab chuka le
chir ke le le apna hisaa
apna khun bhi laal hi hoga
khol ke dekh le gaal ki jhilli

And finally, the vengeful act of the maoist is spoken about. How they have decided to take law in their own hands and settle the score. The song will remain with you for long, that’s for sure. This is one of the best songs of the movie, but unfortunately people will soon forget all the stanzas and only the start will be hummed.

Another song which will remain with you for long is Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Vey. A perfect song tailor-made for Rekha Bharadwaj to lend her vocals melodiously. Originally written and sung by Bulle Shah, we have had many versions of this including Abida Parveen’s. Its a part of folk legends and this time Gulzar picks up this one.

Ranjha ranjha kardi vey mai
Aape ranjha hoyi

The song has a rustic rhythm and folksy feel to it. Rekha does complete justice to the song. Its a sad romantic song that describes the woes of love and the look out for that elusive lover who is nowhere to be seen.

Waqt katata bhi nahi
Waqt rukta bhi nahi
Dil hai sajde mei magar
Ishq jhukta bhi nahi

The pangs of separation is evident in the musical notes. And the soft singing adds to the sadness. Although I believe that Sonu could have done a better job because Javed Ali has a hollow voice which does not emote much. There is no expression in his voice and that is one reason I have never been able to like Jashn-e-bahara song for Jodha-Akbar.

There is another romantic number Khili Re rendered by Renee Bharadwaj. That’s the weakest song for me. Haven’t liked it much until now. Its a song very typical of Rahman and reminded me of Sawariya Sawariya Mai To Huyi Bawariya from Swades; it has the same soft feel to it.

Finally, I come to the new-age Raavan named Beera this time around. A naxalite out to fight against the system.

Beera ke dus maathe
Beera ke sau naam
Chhede jo beera ko
Dhama dham dham dham

The reference of dus-maathe could be about having a brilliant mind that does organizing, planning, plotting, communicating, executing the plan; all in one go. And the sau-naam would well be the many aliases that he is known by, just my guess of the interesting lyrics. The song has a lot of African drum-beats which gives it the much needed energy and aggression. At around 3 mins length, I felt it was short. I wished it was long 7-8 minute piece, but nope.

The album is a sure-shot success with great sounds, superb lyrics, fine instrumentation and some inspired singing. A great album indeed.

By the way, I got some clues on the storyline of the movie. If you can recall Khalnayak, its on those lines is what I can make of it. Madhuri Dixit aka Ganga is chsing Sanjay Dutt aka Ballu, while Ram is on the lookout for both. And when Ganga finally returns, she has to give her testimony in court to prove her innocence, much like Sita had to do after returning to Ayodhya. The difference is that, in Khalnayak , Ganga did not get kidnapped. In this movie, the leading lady gets nabbed by Beera. Another new addition is the presence of an emissary in the form of Govinda., the man who knows the jungle terrain inside out. This angle was not there in Khalnayak.

But I am sure it will not be this simple, Mani Ratnam definitely has some other plans; maybe a few twists in the storyline will make it interesting. Whatever it is, I am waiting for the movie to release. Desperate to watch it. Till then, let me immerse myself in the soundtrack of the movie.


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nice songs from recent music releases

I have not had the time to write about the recent music albums, just so tied up with work. But I did find enough time to listen to the songs of Blue, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, Aladin, Tum Mile and Main Aur Mrs Khanna. I tried listening to Jail and All The Best, but just couldn’t finish with them. They were so darn boring.
Blue movie wallpaper - cinema posterAnyways, my favourite song these days are Chiggy Wiggy and Yaar Mila Tha from Blue. There is something weird about the Chiggy Wiggy number, I just can’t stop listening to it. It has a great start, fantastic vocals by Kylie Minogue and a superb bhangra twist by Sonu Nigam. The rhythm is just right to set your mood, fine stuff. Rahman sounds truly international with the opening 2 mins of the song and then does a bhangra fusion. The lyrics are dumb, but I can do with that as long as I enjoy the music. Whats with this:

Khaatoon ki khidmat mei khiladi ki hai khwahish … eeks!

Yaar Mila Tha is another modern fusion of rural/folksy sounding lyrics orchaestrated to genX music, much like Gendaphool in Delhi-6. The lyrics sound a bit chauvanistic, but I am sure they have been tagged to a pre-created rhythm. And the background chorus makes this song really work, infuse energy into this rustic number while Udit Narayan and Madhusree do total justice to the song.

Two other good songs in album were Rehnuma and Fiqraana. I am unable to follow the lyrics of Fiqraana, too damn difficult. But I love listening to it. Shreya Ghoshal sounds really sweet.

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani Ranbir Kapoor Katrina Kaif

Moving onto APKGK. It has a racy start with Main Tera Dhadkan Teri …. Ab Bacha Kya sung by KK. This is the most catchy of the 14 songs in the album. I don’t really like the beginning piece by Hard Kaur, that actually works against the song, but the moment KK’s vocals get into the musical notes, a new life is infused to this song. 5 of the 14 tracks are remixes, total waste.

Kaise Batayen song is so jaded, sounds like a bhajan. And then Atif Aslam gets into action, Pritam’s favourite. The song is just about tolerable. Another Pritam favourite Neeraj Sridhar croons Prem Ki Naiyya and sings about it being Ram Ke Bharose. That’s all I can recall from this album, rest are just boring stuff.

Talking about boring stuff, I expected so much from Vishal Shekhar but they let me down with the music of Aladin. The genie rap is such a gimmick, trying to cash-in on Bachchan’s voice but the lyrics are a terrible let-down … aladin…tera bheja hai khali !

O Re Sawariya is another bad song. The only saving grace of the album is the song You Are The One.

You may be
Just a lil bit deewani
Thodi thodi si crazy
but baby you’re the one

Tum jaise hai na koi yun deewani
Thodi thodi si crazy
But baby you’re the one

Vishal Dadlani has written the lyrics himself and both Vishal and Shekhar have rendered the song. They probably did not want to give away this song to anybody else. Nice song this!

Another musical duo, Sajid Wajid, have composed for Main Aur Mrs Khanna. SW feature in most of Sallu’s home production movies, so also this. But as usual, except for a couple of songs they lack consistency in quality. Don’t Say Alvida is a hummable song, melodiously sung by Sonu and Shreya. Another widely unpublicised song that is sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is Rabba Hai Rabba. This is one of the better songs from the movie, in an otherwise dull album.

Finally coming to Emraan Hashmi’s movie Tum Mile, this has some rather disappointing songs. Emraan is known more for his songs than the movie itself, but that’s not the case here. For once, the songs are lack-lustre and did not interest me at all. Except for Tu Hi Haqeeqat and Dil Ibaadat, rest of the song is mediocre. Pritam hasn’t given some uninspiring music. Expected a lot more from him after Love Aaj Kal. By the way, Kurbaan music is just out. Hope it turns out to be good.

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Music Review : Kaminey

This is the best music album until now, and I am quite sure that it would be the best for this year. Vishal Bharadwaj is at his experimental best and Gulzar is just amazing with the pen.

The song Dhan Te Nan is already doing the rounds in disc and the video is allover the music channel. The song has high decibel energy and is sung with great enthusiasm by Sukhwinder Singh and Vishal Dadlani. The lyrics are amazing … read this :

koi chaal aisi chalo yaar abke
samandar bhi pul pe chale
phir tu chale us pe ya mein chaloon
sehar ho apne pairo tale

The music is really racy and the energy gets to you. Vishal Dadlani has surprisingly matched Sukhwiner’s verve.

Trust Gulzar to whip people and drive home the message on AIDs and he does it verbally, fatak! That’s the song – fatak. He belts the lyrics with great sensitivity and talks about the spreading germs:

jitna bhi jhoot bole thoda hai
keedon ki basti da makoda hai
raaton ka bichoo hai kaatega
ye zehrila hai zeher chaatega
darwazon mein kunde ko
dafaa karo ye gunde
ye shaitaan ka saaya re

Sukhwinder Singh and Kailash Kher give a folksy touch to the song. And then comes the Ghalib take on ye ishq nahi aasaan and this is how Gulzar modernises it:

ye ishq nahi aasaan
aji AIDS ka khatra hai
patwaar pehan jaana
yeh aag ka dariya hai

His pen has the magic to weave words on any topic, and he does with with such beauty. Observe the way he uses patwaar to mean the word condom. It drives home the message, loud and clear. I just wonder how this song will be picturised in the movie.

Vishal Bharadwaj himself takes up the mike to belt the title track of Kaminey. Its a solemn song about lost dreams, lost friends and unfulfilled hopes. And Kaminey is not just a reference to characters but the ambitious dreams, untrustworthy pals etc. Its a soliloquy.

meri aarzoo kameenee
mere khwab bhi kaminey
ik dil se dosti thi
yeh hazoor bhi kaminey

After the Delhi-6 song of Genda phool, Rekha Bharadwaj is back again. This time, singing to her hubby’s tunes and the song is Raat Ke Dhai Baje. Its a fantastic fusion of western music and rustic lyrics. The song is rendered by 3 other singers – Sunidhi Chauhan, Kunal Ganjawala and Suresh Wadkar. It has a fine rhythm that gets to you slowly. A nice song indeed.

ishq mein jalte hue
saans tezabi lage
raaz khulta hi nahi
koi toh chaabi lage

chikne chikne lachhe hain
reshmi se phande
chupdi chupdi baaton mein
bhole bhale bande

tanhai ne fursat di hai
arey pehli baar mohabbat ki hai
aakhri baar mohabbat ki hai

Mohit Chauhan finally gets to sing Pehli Baar Mohabbat Ki Hai, which is nice romantic ballad. After his ok-dokie song in Love Aaj Kal, this sounds refreshing. He should sing more often. This song may sound like reprise of Raat Ke Dhai Baje, but its not. The similarity lies only in the lyrics. The mood is different, the song is different. I think there must be a reason for the similar sounding words, though.

thode bheege bheege se
thode nam hain hum
kal se soye voye bhi,
toh kam hain hum
dil ne kaisi harkat ki hai
pehli baar mohabbat ki hai
aakhri baar mohabbat ki hai

The album also has the remix of Dhan Te Nan and Raat Ke Dhai Baje. And then there is a small musical instrumental piece called Go Charlie which is a medley mix of other songs. All in all, its a great album with awesome music, great vocals and fantastic lyrics. Its a must-buy!


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Music Review : Love Aaj Kal

After the huge success of Jab We Met, Pritam and Imtiaz Ali are back again to entertain us. And not to forget the lyricist Irshad Kamil, who wrote some really good lyrics for JWM, is also a part of this bandwagon. The expectations from this movie and the album are big. Its one of the biggest releases and most awaited movies of this year. The movie is yet to come but the album is here and it delivers. Its a great mix of folk, punjabi songs, remix, soft romantic song and foot-tapping numbers; all in one album. There are 10 tracks overall, but 3 of them are remixes; so we have 7 chartbusting numbers.


TwistNeeraj Sridhar
: The album opens with this fine fusion of the 1954 classic Man Dole Mera tan Dole and Neeraj Sridhar doing what he does best, rap inane lyrics. But it makes for a nice hearing, especially because Pritam knows exactly what can set the foot tapping.

Let’s have some ranouk shaunak
Let’s have some party now
Let’s have some rolla rappa

Round de chak hey
Round de chak

Let’s have some dhol dhamaka
Let’s call the dholi now
Let’s have some matti tappa

Chalo chalo ji lak lak ga lo
Chalo chalo ji mauj mana lo
Chalo chalo ji nach lo gaa lo
Pakad kisi ki wrist

And we twist
We twist

This number is already quite popular and it sure will go on to be a big hit with the FM stations and discs. Both, the original and remix versions, are good.

Aaj Din ChadeyyaRahat Fateh Ali Khan : A soulfully romantic song by Rahat after such a long time. The last I liked him was in Teri Ore from SiK. The lyrics are very sweet:

Phool sa hai khila aaj din
Rabba mere din yeh na dhale
Woh jo mujhe khwab mein mile
Use tu lagade abb gale
Tenu dil da vasta

The strumming of guitar is a nice introduction, making it sound like a fusion between sufi and country music. And as usual, Rahat hits those high notes with such ease.

Baksh gunahon ko
Sunke duwaon ko
Rabba pyaar hai
Tune sab ko hi de diya

Meri bhi aahon ko
Sunle duwaon ko
Mujhko woh dila maine jisko hai dil diya

Its a melodious track and will be remembered for a long time.

Aahun AahunNeeraj Sridhar : Another song by the rapper, this time borrowing the tune of a popular Jazzy B song. Its remixed well by Pritam, the way he keeps shifting between the genres of punjabi folk voice of Jazzy B and Neeraj Sridhar’s fast paced words is fabulous. This song is bound to be another superhit, it has a nice rhythm and will find much favor with DJ’s. This song is also accompanied by its remix.

Chor BazariNeeraj Sridhar & Sunidhi Chauhan : This is a weak song and seems to be a worn out effect of Pritam. Its quite a laborious work, trying to come good but that never happens. The singers have given their best but the lyrics and the pedestrian music lets them down. Its just about passable. The song also has its remix version which I was not very convinced about.

Ye DooriyanMohit Chauhan : A lazy effort by Pritam, the song lacks soul. Mohit’s voice suits the song, but its undone by lacklustre tune which suffers from a hangover of Tumse Hi from JWM.

kyun koi paas hai
door hai kyun koi
jaane na koi yahan pe

aa raha paas ya
door main ja raha
jaanu na main hoon
kahan pe

ye dooriyan..

in raahon ki dooriyan
nigahon ki dooriyan
hum raahon ki dooriyan
fanaa ho sabhi dooriyan

Its a song about the pangs of separation and a hope of re-uniting again; about distance and spaces between people. The tune could have been much better with a little bit of rework, nevertheless its very hummable number. Mohit is carving a niche for himself with such romantic tracks which gives him the freedom to croon.

Mai Kya HoonKK
: An electronic-keyboard driven number offered by Pritam, to which KK does complete justice. It has a nice tune which KK takes to a crescendo and ends in a yoddle. The fast and pacy beats is the highlight of the song. Lyrics is the weak link of quite a few songs, this one included; but not many care for it. So, enjoy this typical KK number; he does not disappoint.

Thoda Thoda PyarSunidhi Chauhan
: Another heavily loaded punjabi song, it has a folksy tune starting with sangeet situation and Sunidhi gives it the much needed rustic touch. This song will be quite popular in the northern belt for sure. It has some naughty lyrics as well, which are synonymous with lots of folk songs, and Sunidhi renders it with gusto.

Saif Ali Khan, being the producer of the movie, must have really worked hard alongwith Imtiaz Ali and Pritam to bring out the best. After some lacklustre music in Billu, Pritam has come into his own and brought in a freshness. Whatever people may say about him, copy or no copy, he has a good sense of music. This album is a winner, go get it.


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