movie reviews : love sex aur dhokha

20 Mar

Love Sex Aur Dhokha (LSD)As was expected, the movie has garnered awesome reviews from everyone. Its a path-breaking movie, so please go watch it. Don’t go by the title, as the movie does not have any sex or sleaze and it isn’t titillating either. Let me put down some snippets which will make it easier for you to decide on the movie.

From Rajeev Masand’s review: Dibakar Banerjee’s Love, Sex aur Dhoka is the most riveting Hindi film in recent memory. It’s one of those films that grab your attention the momentyou’ve settled into your seat, and it doesn’t let go till the very end. It’s provocative, it’s unsettling and occasionally disturbing too. But not for one minute in its roughly 108-minute running time does it allow you to so much as tilt your head down to look at your watch or your mobile phone.

You will be shocked, you will be startled, but walking out of the theatre, you know you have just seen what is possibly the most important Hindi film since Satya and Dil Chahta Hai. Not only does it redefine the concept of “realistic cinema”, it opens a world of possibilities in terms of how you can shoot films now.

From Anupama Chopra’s review: The film, with three inter-connected stories on love, sex and betrayal, is a grim, deeply unsettling and yet compelling portrait of urban India.

But the film is a worthy experiment created by one of Bollywood’s most imaginative and original directors.

From Raja Sen’s review: And so in an industry where our output is mostly infantile, Dibakar Banerjee has taken that much-nudged envelope, ripped it apart, and mailed out a magnificently tawdry postcard. He’s made a film which lets Hindi cinema sit back, take a deep glug of adulthood, and wipe Haywards 5000 foam from its ‘stache as it leers at the girl in stockings. Bollywood has just grown up the only way it could, with Love, Sex and Dhokha.

LSD, which features three very differently themed storylines seen through varied handheld, security and spy cameras, is so finely written that it avoids the obvious pitfalls expertly, and makes the treatment — that deliciously voyeuristic treatment — a completely organic part of the storytelling process.

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