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Prakash Mehra – A Tribute

Amitabh Bachchan’S Job Interview In Namak Halaal

Pag Ghungroo Bandh

Amitabh Bachchan Warding Off A Fly In Namak Halaal

Thodi Si Jo Pee Li Hai

The Angry Youngman

Haseena Maan Jayegi – Chale The Saath Milkar

Haseena Maan Jayegi – O Dilbar Janiye

Mela – Rut Hai Milan Ki

Sharaabi – Jahan Char Yaar

Sharaabi – De De Pyar De

Haath Ki Safai – Wada Karle Sajna

Hera Pheri – Title Song

Muqaddar Ka Sikandar – O Saathi Re

Laawaris – Mere Angne Mei

Muqaddar Ka Sikandar – Zindagi To Bewafa Hai

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maruti ritz – new car on the block

maruti has come out with their new car ‘ritz’ to compete with hyundai’s i20/getz and chevrolet’s u-va. as usual, the design of the rear is pretty bad. but its awesome from the front and profile view.Name:  rear view.jpg Views: 12565 Size:  154.0 KB

these images are taken from team-bhpName:  front view high.jpg Views: 12524 Size:  123.1 KB

the pricing of the car is competitive as well. its priced at 3.9 lac ex-works price, which means that on-raod price will be around 4.75 lac

Name:  Side view.jpg Views: 12388 Size:  182.2 KB

for more info please click here


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pm’s in-waiting will remain so…

the polls results are out and we have a decisive pm in manmohan singh, thank god for that.

till a few days back, when the poll pandits had predicted a hung parliament and at best they were a little optimistically saying that UPA may return to power, the third front was in fray. i too was scared at the thought of third front coming to power, mainly because of the probable pm’s who were being thrown up as options. all the smaller parties who were led by political stalwarts with narrow vision and immediate gains, wanted to become a pm. mayawati even went to the extent of asking the third front to declare her as pm-candidate, a couple of months back. lalu prasad, mulayam singh, nitish kumar, sharad pawar, jayalalitha etc…all aspired for the top job. all these are now pm’s in waiting.

the above mentioned politicians could aspire for the pm-post only because they have seen how deve gowda and ik gujral became pm’s although they never had all-india-appeal.

and of course there was the bjp’s old warhorse lk advani, the declared pm in-waiting for the longest time ever. and even before he could come close to the elusive pm post, some members of his own party and some business entrepreneurs declared narendra modi as their pm-probable. so, modi became the pm in-waiting for 2014 elections. all these guys are just waiting their turn, but they will need lot more than votes. they need people’s acceptability and their own allies receptability.

anyways, all issues are buried for now as manmohan singh will become only the 2nd pm to be voted back to power after a full 5 year term, since 1971. so, the pm’s in-waiting and pm’s-probable will remain so…

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left parties … living in fool’s paradise

today was the 5th and final phase of polling and exit polls are coming out with their predictions, one after another.

the exit poll results suggest that it will be a photo-finish between the Cong and BJP, but what is totally clear is that Left is nowhere close to either weilding power or dictating terms.

Exit Poll Source










Times Now




Headlines Today





India TV





News X









Star News





2004 polls were historic in a sense that BJP were the front-runners and the clear favourites to win at least 300 seats on its own, but that did not happen. in fact, Cong pipped them to the post by becoming the largest single party. and for the 1st time, Left parties together garnered 60+ seats.

so, history will now remain history because Left parties will be back to their realistic total number of seats hovering around the 35-40 mark. they can never think of getting 60+ seats again, never.

another reason why i say that they are living in fool’s paradise is because of their opposition to the nuclear deal, their out-dated economic policies and their anti-US foreign policy which recognises just one country, china.

its time they re-think their policies and not repeat nandigram. while they practised disinvestment in WB, they opposed it in the centre. they need to shift focus and be forward-thinking. follow the reading on the wall, understand what jyoti basu and buddhadeb are trying to say; its still not late. else, continue to live in fool’s paradise.

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amateur vs professional

i was just reading a blog post by john august where he speaks about an amateur against a professional. he starts out with the generally accepted fact that a professional is one who gets paid for doing a particular kind of job, while an amateur is someone who does the same thing out of love. so, pay-package forms one of the major differences.

but, he later debunks the above notion with some really interesting points. he goes on to say that what happens when the amateur goes professional – does he stop loving what he does?

so, basically the difference between the two is of mindset. sometimes professionals do things amateurishly; e.g. an accountant misses a decimal point in the final figures. sometimes an amateur does things really professionally; e.g. an amateur’s photograph making it to the Discovery magazine.

here’s a small list of the qualities that can make an amateur look professional and vice versa:

a. presentation – writing a business letter with loads of typos

b. accuracy – a pharmacist doling out the wrong medicine

c. consistency – a fastfood joint stuffing different ingredients each time in a club sandwich

d. accountability – taking the bottomline

e. peer standards – going by the accpeted norms of people doing the same job, e.g. bar association

here’s the link which has the entire post finely worded

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winning is a habit, so is losing

as knight riders lost their match to royal challengers, my heart went out to them. although i supported the RCB team, i still thought that KKR might pull it off because 174 is a huge target.

KKR played very well till the 16th over, but then they could not hold onto the advantage. they fiddled away their chances as ross taylor belted a superb 81 off just 33 balls and saw RCB home comfortably.

KKR are low on confidence, have lost the will to win; a side in disarray with no one to show them the path. and KKR have made it a point to lose matches even from winning positions. they pull defeat out of the jaws of victory. just as winning is a habit, so is losing.

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Rang Birangi, Aloo Chat : Filmy Experiment Gone Wrong

So, what’s common between Rang Birangi and Aloo Chat? Ok, lets recall Pati Patni Aur Woh and DDLJ, any bells ringing yet??

David Dhawan’s movie Hero No.1 was a good mix of Bawarchi and DDLJ. Govinda becomes a cook/servant to gain entry into Karishma’s house only to impress her family members and gain their confidence. Of course, lots of movies got inspired by DDLJ and lots of such movies came out, some good…some bad. Similarly, PPAW inspired a string of movies where bosses flirt with their secretaries.

PPAW released in 1978, made under BR Films banner and was directed by BR Chopra. The story was about Ranjeet Chaudhary, a family man who is happily married with a kid. His wife is very nice, caring and faithful; and yet Ranjeet goes out of his way to feign his wife’s illness so he can gain his secretary’s mercy. And this pity turns into more care and affection from her side. Ranjeet does succeed at this and gets the required affection, but at what cost? Sanjeev Kumar played the loving husband and later the lecherous boss, Ranjeeta played the low-key secretary who was a middle-class working woman and not the stereotyped secretary, and finally Vidya Sinha played the loyal and loving wife.

DDLJ, made in 1994, paved the way for NRI audience targetted movie. There is nothing to write about this movie because everybody knows everything about it.

Hrishikesh Mukherjee wrote the screenplay and directed this movie made in 1983 and titled it Rang Birangi. The movie directly picks on the idea of PPAW. Ajay Sharma is the boss of a company and has a beautiful wife in Nirmala. His secretary is Anita, a very dedicated and beautiful woman. Ajay finds his life boring as he is involved in mundane stuff of office activities. That’s when his friend Ravi lands up in his office and quizzes him about Anita. Ajay is offended initially by the thought of flirting with a secretary but Ravi narrates to him the story of PPAW, how Sanjeev Kumar lies about his wife’s health and gains the warmly arms of his secretary. Ravi pushes Ajay into trying the experiment which seems to succeed at first, but later falls flat. How things start going awry makes for a good laugh.

Amol Palekar was Ajay, the boss; Parveen Babi was his wife and Deepti Naval was the simple and nice secretary. The friend who plants the idea in Amol Palekar’s mind was played by Deven Verma. It was a refreshing look at how PPAW situation works only in movies; talk of innovation, one movie referencing another. Coincidentally, Parveen Babi who plays the wife in this movie, actually makes a guest appearance as Sanjeev Kumar’s secretary in PPAW.

Anyways, Aloo Chat makes a direct reference to DDLJ. Nikhil is US returned guy who is in love with Amna, a muslim girl. His parents are orthodox and he does not know how to speak/convince his parents about his love. Nikhil approaches his mamaji who suggests that he should take the DDLJ route. Nikhil’s mamaji hatches a plot whereby Nikhil would bring an american girl, Nikki, home in the pretext of marrying her; and Amna would accompany Nikki. While Amna would try to impress Nikhil’s parents, Nikki would try to create a bad impression so that Nikhil’s parents would approve of Amna at the end of it all; trying to create the reduced-shock-effect…zor ka jhatka dheere se lage. As was supposed to be the result of this experiment, it fails and things go haywire causing much confusion and evokes a lot of laughs. Aftab Shivdasani played Nikhil, and Amna was played by Amna Sharif, her debut movie. A special mention of mamaji played by Manoj Pahwa, who was the narrator and backbone of the movie.

There are many movies which reflect/inspire/copy/plagiarise another movie. Very few movies actually experiment keeping an eye and alluding another movie. So, are there any other movies which make direct references to another movie? An experiment falling under its own weight?? I am really eager to know of it.

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lo mai aa gaya …

hey…i have found a new webspace and i hope to access this more often than i could access my blogspot account. hope it works out better this time around…

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Analyze This, Analyze That : Crystal And de Niro’s Comic Act

I am neither going to Analyze This nor Analyze That. Just pour my thoughts about these two movies that I saw back-to-back on Sunday evening. When AThis ended, I did have a smile on my face and was raring to watch AThat. But at the end of AThat, I was a lot disappointed. In fact, I felt that I should have kept AThat for another day and enjoyed the good humor of AThis; and ended my weekend on a happy note. Anyways, enough of this and that; lets get down to business.

Analyze This: I think most of us are already aware of the movie plot. But here’s a quick recap for the uninitiated. The movie is about a mafia Paul Vitti[Robert de Niro] who gets anxiety/panic attack and one of his henchman suggests that he meet-up with a shrink named Ben Sobel[Billy Crystal]. Ben asks a few insightful questions and brings relief to Vitti. The don is so impressed that he follows Ben all the way to Florida for another session, right in-between Ben’s wedding. His wedding-day is undone and Ben is exasperated by Vitti’s assertiveness. Nevertheless, he treats Vitti and reschedules his wedding. In the meantime he gets photographed by the CIA and they want Ben to report to them about Vitti’s moves. After a lot of fun, confusion and comic moments comes the climax where Vitti is ambushed and Ben takes a bullet shot to save Vitti. Ben lands in hospital and Vitti in jail.

The movie was really a fun watch. The beginning of the movie, where Ben is shown as a psychiatrist who is frustrated by his clients who come to him with their silly problems, sets the tone for the movie. The way Vitti keeps breaking into tears just cracked me up, was fantastic to see de Niro in such a humorous role. His timing was great, he matched upto Billy Crystal, that in itself was an achievement. And Billy was incredible in the movie. Whenever he made some logical conclusions based on the diagnosis and Vitti treats him as a genius, the distraught look on his face was evident. Lisa Kudrow, she was being herself, or as Phoebe of Friends. Not a single expression was new, all used up ones from her sitcom.

And yes, the Hindi remake of this was pathetic. Why do people take a nice movie filled with humor, and turn it into a horror show. The movie was titled Hum Kisise Kam Nahi, what a horrible title. Was it alluding to the ego clashes of the main leads – Aishwarya Rai, Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan and Amitabh Bachchan? Or was it to do with the unspoken contest going on – who is making a bigger  fool of themselves in this movie? The Ajay Devgan character was totally not required, they could have easily done it without him. They give all such crap roles to Bachchan and expect him to salvage the movie. He and Dutt were the only good thing in the movie. If you do get a chance to watch this movie, please do not; have mercy on yourself.


Analyze That: I am not going into the movie plot just yet. I felt the sequel of the movie was forced on the audience because of the success of AThis. The characters were casual in their approach, they probably had a freehand from the director. There were a few funny lines, but not good enough. The movie starts with Vitti in the jail and Ben in the memorial service of his father. Vitti starts losing his marbles and Ben gets the responsibility of keeping Vitti under his custody. Ben also gets Vitti into regular jobs like car dealership, jewellery store attendant and usher in a restaurant. He finally settles for a job as an advisor in a tv-series. He starts instructing the entire crew, dictating the script and dialogs. But all the time, Vitti is planning a heist. And FBI gets a whiff of this as lots of underworld gangsters start visiting the sets. The movie ends with gang-bang.

The movie was quite a laborious watch, it just trudged along. Billy was under-utilized and lots of sub-plots were silly like Ben’s son becoming Vitti’s chauffeur.  The movie had no fixed plot, it just went from one forced humor to another. Harold Ramis, the director of both movies, has done his best. The script/screenplay has let him down. I did enjoy other okie-dokie comedy movies by Ramis, namely Bewitched and Multiplicity. The ease with which Ramis handled de Niro’s character was good. And with Billy Crystal on his side, he could not have gone wrong.

And lastly, I did sense that one of the subplots of Welcome was taken from this movie. The subplot of a gangster making a movie and dictating the cast and crew on the sets was totally inspired.

Billy Crystal has a terrific timing and he picks up the mannerisms of the character so well. I watched this mainly for him, and he was absolutely a treat to watch. I am waiting for Billy Crsyal’s next movie, Analyze That was his last screen appearance.

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Charade – Audrey Hepburn’s Hitchcockian Thriller

Even Alfred Hitchcock would have been proud of this movie. Its a fine, fine, crime thriller and murder mystery that keeps you engaged from the first scene to the last scene. As I had written in my previous post, I saw this movie and liked it.

This movie, made in 1963, does not have a single dull moment. In fact, quite a lot of times when the movie took a comic/romantic turn, a new twist was introduced in the plot. So, although its a great thriller it does have its own funny repartee and romance. Obviously, with Cary Grant and his charisma, there had to be a dose of lovey-dovey scenes. And Audrey Hepburn, as a vulnerable Mrs.Regina Lampbert, really looked the part. Her costume was done by Givenchy, that was a nice fashion statement as she was seen in wonderful dresses in a movie set in the fashion capital of the world, Paris.

charadeThe first scene of the movie is a train sequence where a man is pushed off a running train, and then the credit rolls. The movie begins with Mrs.Lampbert on a skiing vacation where she meets Cary Grant who introduces himself as Peter Joshua. When Regina returns home, she is in a state of shock as her house is in shambles. There is not a single furniture, wardrobes are empty and the house is totally bare. She is told by the police that her husband, Charles Lampbert, is no more and she has to visit the morgue for final identifications. This leaves Regina all the more bemused as she does not know whats going on. After the identification process, she is handed a bag which was found with her husband at the time of his death and four passports of four different nationalities. The bag contains a toothbrush, tooth-powder, a stamped envelope with a letter in it and a few other articles. Also, the police informs her that Mr.Lampbert auctioned off all the furnitures and was probably trying to make away with the fortune.

Regina is sorrowful, but definitely not teary-eyed; she was considering a divorce anyways. She conducts a funeral and three strange people make it to the venue, and Regina hasn’t seen them before. She is later summoned by the US Embassy in connection with her husband’s death. She meets Bartholomew at the embassy, who surprises her by revealing that her husband was a CIA agent. He shows her an old photograph which has 4 men posing for it, and she recognises all the three men who had come to the funeral and 4th being her deceased husband Charles. Here’s the story about his past, which is explained by Bartholomew. Charles, Tex, Herman and Leopold were to deliver gold worth $250000 to French militray services. But instead of delivering the gold they buried it. They were soon ambushed by Germans, and Charles double-crossed them and made away with the gold. So, now the US is trying to claim back their $250000 and they have reason to believe that Regina might be in possession of the money/gold.

Peter, whom Regina had met while holidaying, gets to know of her grief through the newspaper and comes to meet and offer her help. At a time when she is getting chased down by the 3 guys, she feels secure with Peter. But Peter is hand-in-glove with the other 3 guys, and she gets informed of this by Herman who is suspicious that Dyle, who calls himself Peter, may get the money out of her and escape. She confronts Peter with this reality and he does confide that he is Dyle and he is on her side so he can avenge Charles’ death.

Regina informs Bartholomew at the US Embassy about this new development and then learns that there were 5 guys on the mission, the last one being Carson Dyle who was killed in the operation. This comes as another shocker to Regina that if Dyle is dead then who is this guy posing as Dyle. Peter again changes his previous statement and says that he is Dyle’s brother Alexander Dyle and is here to get his brother’s share of the wealth. But the truth is that Dyle had no siblings.

The plot gets more convoluted when Herman is drowned in his own bath-tub. Peter is neither Carson Dyle nor Alexander Dyle. and now calls himself Adam Canfield, a petty thief; and he is in this to help Regina because he has started liking her. Just when Regina starts trusting Adam once more, Leopold is found dead in an elevator with his throat slit. After this, can Regina trust Peter/Dyle/Adam anymore? Whose life is in danger, who is next to get eliminated? Is Adam his real name or will he change his identity again? And lastly, who has the money? If nobody has pocketed the money then where is the money hidden? What happens of Tex? And will the US Embassy help Regina save her life and get back the money?

The movie is brilliantly directed by Stanley Donen. He keeps the mystery alive till the last moment and never loses grip of the main plot. All credit to him, he brings out the best in all the characters. In fact, Donen has directed many other good movies like Seven Brides For Seven Brothers(1954), Kiss Them For Me(1957), Bedazzled(1967) and Blame It On Rio(1984). Cary Grant, in his usual charismatic best, is tremendous in the movie. Sadly, this was the only movie starring Cary and Audrey; wish they had made more movies together. Cary has acted in lots of Hitchcock movies like Suspicion, Notorious, To Catch A Thief and North By Northwest, so the thriller genre is not new to him. But to get directed in a suspense movie like this, by someone other than Hitchcock, may have been a different experience.

Audrey Hepburn was fantastic as the widow who was indifferent, a woman in need of arms that can take care of her and make her feel safe and secure, and of course as a ‘spy’ who has great instinct/intuition and can sense danger. She was a superb actress and never let her beauty come in the way, I mean, she never made a movie which required her to be beautiful. She always experimented, took risks and made movies which were different. Her filmography has some fine movies in there, this movie being one of them.

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