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Railway Budget By Mamta Bannerjee

After 5 long years, somebody other than Lalu Yadav has presented the Railway Budget. Mamta Bannerjee did so, today in the Parliament’s Budget Session. She presented a host of sops as well as some economic-driven budgeting. Here are the key highlights:

  • No hike in freight rates
  • No increase in passenger fares across classes
  • Tatkal scheme to be reduced from 5 days to 2 days
  • 12 new ‘Duronto’ AC sleeper trains between major metros
  1. New Delhi-Jammu Tawi (tri-weekly)
  2. Howrah-Mumbai AC (bi-weekly)
  3. Mumbai-Ahmedabad AC (tri-weekly)
  4. Chennai-Delhi (bi-weekly)
  5. New Delhi-Lucknow (tri-weekly)
  6. Delhi-Pune AC (bi-weekly)
  7. Howrah-Delhi (bi-weekly)
  8. New Delhi-Allahabad (tri-weekly)
  9. Sealdah-New Delhi (bi-weekly)
  10. Kolkata-Amritsar (bi-weekly)
  11. Bhubaneshwar-Delhi (weekly)
  12. Ernakulam-Delhi (weekly)
  • Non-stop AC ‘Durant’ trains to be introduced
  • 1000 MW power plant with NTPC on Bengal-Jharkhand border
  • Kolkata Metro to get more extensions
  • Ladies Special to be extended to Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi
  • Metro concession in Kolkata to minority students
  • Press correspondents to get 50% concession
  • Cold storage facilities for farmers to store produce
  • New scheme called ‘Izzat’ for low-income monthly travel where a monthly pass of Rs.25/- will be issue to travel upto 100kms
  • New coach factory to be set up in Kanchrapara in Bengal
  • Mega logistics hubs in Eastern and Western corridor
  • Launch of premium parcel service between 3 stations
  • New policy to allow private freight terminal
  • Railways to lease out land for commercial purposes
  • Special recruitment drive to fill up physically challenged posts
  • Metro Rail Hospital in Tollygunj to be upgraded
  • Hospitals to be developed for railway staff
  • Colleges on railway land through public-private partnership
  • Girl child scholarship for Group B Railway employees
  • To increase number of women commandos in key routes
  • Ramps, special bogeys for physically challenged passengers
  • To introduce double-decker AC coaches for inter-city travel
  • Passengers can buy tickets from Post Offices
  • SMS update on waitlisted tickets
  • Automatic ticket vending machines in 200 stations
  • Ticketing services in 200 new towns and cities
  • Infotainment services in Rajdhani, Shatabdi
  • 49 stations of religious importance to be upgraded
  • To introduce ambulance facilities in long-distance trains
  • Depute one doctor in long-distance trains
  • Specially designed coaches for handicapped passengers
  • Book stores, PCOs to be set up across stations
  • Multi-functional complexes for railway users at stations
  • Toilet facilities for women at stations
  • Public-private partnership to develop stations
  • 309 out of 370 stations identified for development
  • CST Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Howrah, Sealdah to be developed
  • Develop 50 stations as world-class
  • To lay stress on platform and train security, catering
  • Expert committee on socially unviable projects to be set up

All in all, looks like a good populist budget that will make everyone happy.

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with power comes arrogance …

manmohan singh was sworn-in yesterday as the new pm of india. it was a momentous occasion as the 15th lok sabha had given a decisive verdict in favour of congress(i) and since 1971, manmohan singh is the first pm to complete a full 5 yrs term and voted back to power.

since 1991, this has been cong’s best performance with a whopping 200+ seats. and this unpredicted success has probably gone to their head. they are suddenly found distancing themselves from their allies. while dmk was over-expecting by asking for so many ministries, but yet cong should try and mend their ways and politely disagree. no point in angering your allies, they will come handy during crisis and approval of important bills.

similarly, even rjd and sp should be kept in good humour. lalu yadav has been behind the cong and supported sonia gandhi during worst of crisis like ‘foreign origin’ issue etc. i surely do believe that cong should try and keep all their allies happy by distributing the goodies with everybody. cong should share the pie with everybody and not just make them eat humble pie. cong is in danger of falling into the power-trap, coz with power comes arrogance…

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