Taco Bell in Koramangala, Bangalore

18 Feb

Yesterday we dined out in Taco Bell that has newly opened in Koramangala. It was a nice treat and did not pinch the pocket at all. Before you rush off to the eat-out, a few things to keep in mind:

Location : Diametrically opposite to Sony World in Koramangala. The entry is at the beginning of the Intermediate Ring Road which goes towards old Airport Road.

Cuisine : Mexican food [veg and non-veg]

Menu : While I cannot list the entire menu, all I can say is that it has the regular fajita [pronounced as “fahita”], enchiladas, chalupas, quesidilia [pronounced as “quesidiya”], crunch-wrap nachos etc

Cost : A meal for two will not go over Rs.350/- and the soft drink can be refilled any number of times. Yippee …

We settled for chicken quesidilia and chicken crunch-wrap. The quesidilia was fine, reminded me of the ones I had tasted in Houston; very authentic. But it was served wrapped in a plastic, not spread-out on a plate. I think they should change this. The sauce that came with it was really hot, had a whole lot of jalapeno [pronounced as “halapeno”].

The crunch-wrap was hexagonal in shape and size of a pan-pizza, it resembled a stuffed paratha. The filling was really tasty, it had good quantity of minced chicken, olives, green veg like lettuce, onion and tomato.

On other occasions we have tasted the fajita and chalupas too, but don’t have too much hopes from these both items. They have been Indianised to suit our taste bud and liking.

They have limited number of items, and just 4 options in the name of dessert. We just darted across to Oasis Mall to have ice-cream in Cream’N”Fudge instead. But whatever they have is low priced and tasty. I believe they will expand their menu once the operations settle down and customers start pouring in.

Taco Bell can give a good competition to KFC and McDonald’s if they continue to operate at such low prices. What they lose out on cost, they can make up in volume by keeping the quality high.

I am sure I will visit this often; its value for money, just slip-in for a quick snack and leave without causing much stir in your wallet.

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One response to “Taco Bell in Koramangala, Bangalore

  1. Raji Krishna

    May 25, 2011 at 4:36 PM

    Hey thats a yummy read! 😀 Making me hungry as always.. hmm.. being a blore foodie.. m sure u ve tried out fava? the med restaurant..


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