Ten Tips For Aspiring Shoe Throwers

15 Feb

A shoe throwing incident is an act of bravery and only the people who are extremely disturbed or personally affected by the policies of the target in question takes it upon himself to throw a shoe. But unlike GMAT or  GRE which can be attempted multiple times, hurling a shoe can be done just once because there is a high chance that you would be arrested and punished for the rash act. Hence it becomes even more pertinent that you prepare well.

Here are some tips that can help you deliver your best:

i) Strategy : Like every other examination, shoe throwing requires a planned strategy. Prepare a timetable and divide your time for all aspects of the act, from entry to exit. Experts suggest that last 15 days should be spent in doing a recce of the venue. You need to devise your sequence of events.

ii) Practice It : Since this is an act of defiance and a new way to express disgust and hopelessness , you need to be very confident on how to throw the shoe. You need to buy the right kind of shoe with correct weight and good aerodynamics and practise throwing it on a mannequin.

iii) Mock Throws : Guessing the type of venue and personality on whom the shoe has to be hurled, the best way is to attempt as many mocks as possible. It will help you to be confident about your preparation. With so many local events happening, it becomes easy to do this and evaluate your performance and know where you stand.

iv) Work On Your Weakness : Track your weak points and work hard to improve them. You should be able to aim from any distance and at any angle. Also pay attention to fundamentals of where the security guards are placed.

v) Get Upto Speed And Accuracy : Since you have such less time to aim and shoot, time is of prime concern. And while we have seen so many enthusiasts miss the target, it becomes more important that you gain accuracy by practising.

vi) Mood Setting : Be focussed, don’t lose your concentration. Get into the zone and be prepared for the consequences. If you succeed you will be held in high esteem, but if you fail then you may become an object of ridicule. So, get your mood right. Eat well, sleep well and breathe easy before the day of the event.

vii) Punctuality Matters: Be punctual. Be at the venue before time and do a quick survey. Spot your seat, hide your shoe carefully so you can get them out on time.

viii) Don’t Carry Unnecessary Objects: All you need is a good shoe, quick reflexes, guts, good aim and calm nerves. Don’t carry any other unnecessary objects which may hinder your performance.

ix) Cue Card And Quick Inspiration : Have a cue card and go through the plan again and again. Take inspiration from people who have attempted hurling a shoe, and try to better them by getting the target.

x) Be Careful About Extra Security: In order to hurl the shoe and escape, be careful about the extra security cover who move around in civilian clothings. Be careful about this.

By sticking to all the above tips, you can have a nice time in throwing a shoe at your target and become famous too. All the best!

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