movie review : kambakht ishq

04 Jul

the movie has an offensive poster, but the movie is much more offensive i believe.

here are a few excerpts of the reviews that the movie has been receiving:

Kambakkht Ishq is a painfully excessive work of burlesque, one so dragged down by the nauseating combination of toilet humour and lazy screenwriting that it makes American Pie look like Brokeback Mountain in comparison. Nope, Kambakkht Ishq is a weak, often revoltingly cheap film that serves merely as aspirin-seller or hangover-simulation.

it just doesn’t stop here, it goes on to describe how the movie insults the intelligence of the audience.

there is nothing at all wrong with an unabashedly lowbrow film, one which delights in skin and scatological humour, and makes no bones about being a collection of gags rather than something with an actual plot. What is wrong is when such a low-rent farce pretends it’s a bonafide summer blockbuster.

read the complete review here

here are excerpts from another review which points to the same flaws of the movie but a little too strongly. check this:

How much you enjoy Kambakkht Ishq is directly proportionate to just how low your standards have fallen. This battle-of-the-sexes saga starring Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor is a loud, vulgar and seriously offensive film that has reportedly been made at a price of Rs 60 crore. In that much money, you could feed an entire starving nation. And you’d be blessed for it.

sample this line from the same review:

The problem with this film isn’t that it’s ridden with logical loopholes. Those you’re even willing to turn a blind eye to, in keeping with the film’s screwball nature. What is inexcusable is the consistently crude tone of the film.

you can read the second review in its entirety here.

after going through two such reviews which pans the movie, i am surely gonna skip it.

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