Railway Budget By Mamta Bannerjee

03 Jul

After 5 long years, somebody other than Lalu Yadav has presented the Railway Budget. Mamta Bannerjee did so, today in the Parliament’s Budget Session. She presented a host of sops as well as some economic-driven budgeting. Here are the key highlights:

  • No hike in freight rates
  • No increase in passenger fares across classes
  • Tatkal scheme to be reduced from 5 days to 2 days
  • 12 new ‘Duronto’ AC sleeper trains between major metros
  1. New Delhi-Jammu Tawi (tri-weekly)
  2. Howrah-Mumbai AC (bi-weekly)
  3. Mumbai-Ahmedabad AC (tri-weekly)
  4. Chennai-Delhi (bi-weekly)
  5. New Delhi-Lucknow (tri-weekly)
  6. Delhi-Pune AC (bi-weekly)
  7. Howrah-Delhi (bi-weekly)
  8. New Delhi-Allahabad (tri-weekly)
  9. Sealdah-New Delhi (bi-weekly)
  10. Kolkata-Amritsar (bi-weekly)
  11. Bhubaneshwar-Delhi (weekly)
  12. Ernakulam-Delhi (weekly)
  • Non-stop AC ‘Durant’ trains to be introduced
  • 1000 MW power plant with NTPC on Bengal-Jharkhand border
  • Kolkata Metro to get more extensions
  • Ladies Special to be extended to Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi
  • Metro concession in Kolkata to minority students
  • Press correspondents to get 50% concession
  • Cold storage facilities for farmers to store produce
  • New scheme called ‘Izzat’ for low-income monthly travel where a monthly pass of Rs.25/- will be issue to travel upto 100kms
  • New coach factory to be set up in Kanchrapara in Bengal
  • Mega logistics hubs in Eastern and Western corridor
  • Launch of premium parcel service between 3 stations
  • New policy to allow private freight terminal
  • Railways to lease out land for commercial purposes
  • Special recruitment drive to fill up physically challenged posts
  • Metro Rail Hospital in Tollygunj to be upgraded
  • Hospitals to be developed for railway staff
  • Colleges on railway land through public-private partnership
  • Girl child scholarship for Group B Railway employees
  • To increase number of women commandos in key routes
  • Ramps, special bogeys for physically challenged passengers
  • To introduce double-decker AC coaches for inter-city travel
  • Passengers can buy tickets from Post Offices
  • SMS update on waitlisted tickets
  • Automatic ticket vending machines in 200 stations
  • Ticketing services in 200 new towns and cities
  • Infotainment services in Rajdhani, Shatabdi
  • 49 stations of religious importance to be upgraded
  • To introduce ambulance facilities in long-distance trains
  • Depute one doctor in long-distance trains
  • Specially designed coaches for handicapped passengers
  • Book stores, PCOs to be set up across stations
  • Multi-functional complexes for railway users at stations
  • Toilet facilities for women at stations
  • Public-private partnership to develop stations
  • 309 out of 370 stations identified for development
  • CST Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Howrah, Sealdah to be developed
  • Develop 50 stations as world-class
  • To lay stress on platform and train security, catering
  • Expert committee on socially unviable projects to be set up

All in all, looks like a good populist budget that will make everyone happy.

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