Music Review : Delhi Belly

31 May

The way Bhaag DK Bose song is catching up with the youth, the idiom ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ will soon change to ‘Don’t judge a soap by its lather’.

Saabun ki Shakal mei,
beta tu toh nikla kewal jhaag,
Bhaag bhaag DK Bose DK Bose DK Bose …

This rollicking song with the cryptic slander has a good rhythm and easy on the tongue. You will start humming/swearing it even before the song finishes playing in your music player. The lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya and crooning by Ram Sampath, the music director himself, adds a zing to it. You have some new similies like ‘piddi jaissa chuhaa dum pakda toh nikla kala naag‘ and ‘Dekha toh katora Jhaanka toh kuaa‘. Really innovative stuff from the duo.

Another song that will catch on immediately is the qawalli styled song ‘Teri Tirchhi Nazar Ne Dil Ko Kar Diya Puncture‘; except that ‘puncture’ is pronounced as ‘penchar‘. You might wonder why so, but the reason becomes evident soon enough as the Keerti Sagathia, the singer, starts howling ‘penchar, penchar, penhcar‘ as if he was cursing somone ‘bhench*%, bhench*%, bhench*%‘. And then the qawalli gets back on track with ‘Nakkaddwaley Disco, Udhaarwaley Khisko’. The qawalli has some hilarious lyrics like:

Tumko Dekha Toh Kho Gaya
Main Fell In Love Sa Ho Gaya
Socha Tumne Bhi Hint Diya
Lekin Sandal Ka Print Diya
Dil Tukde Tukde Ho Gaya
Uss Din Main Jaldi So Gaya
Hoye Maara Tune Left Right And Center
Hoye Sandal Sandal Sandal Sandal Sandal

Just as this song gets over, the next song drives you crazy again. The ‘Saigal Blues‘ is a fantastic attempt at trying to re-invent Saigal and induce it with a soft rock like quality. The result is amazing. The singing and the guitar piece are in perfect sync, as it takes you to another world where Saigal could have been our answer to Eagles. Make no mistake, its not a remixed song that was sung by Saigal. Chetan Shashital has re-sung the song & imitated Saigal to perfection. Superb effort by the singer and the guitarist-drummer combo.

Bedardi Raja is a naughty song with folksy flavour, on the same lines as Munni Badnaam. Sona Mohapatra isn’t Mamta Sharma, but she has given her best. More than the rustic flavour, the lyrics let the song down. It isn’t catchy enough! It tries to lure you to listen to the entire song, but fails at the interlude itself. You can somehow drag yourself to the end of the song, but you’d rather listen to Munni Badnaam and be much entertained.

When there is everything else, there has to be a Punjabi bhangra number too. Going by the trends in TWM and other movies based in north, especially Delhi, it has become a regular feature to push in a Punjabi song; and so here’s Switty. Switty Tera Pyaar Chahida sung by Keerti Sagathia is no winner unlike Kabhi Saddi Gali Bhul Ke Bhi Aaya Karo; but its fun. Not so much fun to deserve a remix, but you have the Switty Punk too. Ram Sampath takes to the mike and helps Keerti to pump up the energy, and it almost works.

Then comes the Tere Siva song, the only soft romantic number of the album. Tarannum Mallik & Sampath do a fine job, especially Sampth who shows a great range. He has good control over his vocals, from Switty punk to this song.

Tere Siva Duniya Mein Kuch Bhi Na Dikhta Hai
Tera Nasha Chahaya Hai, Chhaaya Hai, Chhaaya Hai
Ye Nasha Badh Jaaye Na
Kahin Ragon Mei Chadh Jaye Na
Tere Bin,
Kuch Na Rahoo Pyaar Mein
Bus Kar Jaaye Na

After this, the kiddish high school song starts irritating you. I hate you like I love you, sung by Sona Mohapatra and Keerthi Sagathia, has juvenile lyrics. And even the music is a bit on the regular indi-pop style of the 90’s.

Tere Jaisa Zaalim Milta Hai Naseeb Se,
Dil Hai Tera Khanjar Ghaayal Karde Kareeb Se

And last but not the least, Jaa Chudail sung by Suraj Jagan, is a rock song clearly inspired by Amit Trivedi.

Chhoti Chotti Baaton Se Hai
Tune Jo Sataaya Mujhe
Ungli Pe Nachaa Ke Tune
Choona Jo Lagaaya Mujhe

Arre Ja.. Ja .. Ja
Go To Hell

Arre Ja.. Ja .. Ja
I Want Silence
Ja Chudail .. Ja Chudail

This song will find favor among lovelorn people, especially guys. The lyrics for the new generation goes down well and you can relate to the angst. But then, it just ends as yet another rock song.

Overall, its a nice album with a good mix of sounds from different genres and streams. From rock to blues to folksy to rap to romantic song, it has all. Very good effort by Ram Sampath whose talent is on total display. I am sure he will find more work after this album. Go for it … bhaag Bose DK.

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