25 Paise Coin Out Of Circulation : Char Aana Ka Gaya Zamana

29 Jun

Today, 29-June, is the last day that ayone will accept the 25 paise coin. The mint has not produced this coin since 2002, and since 2005 no shopkeeper accepted this coin. But today, officially, this coin will be out of circulation.

If at all you have amassed lose change over a period of time, then rush to the nearest public sector bank and redeem it. I am highly doubtful about a private sector banking accepting this coin, else it will be their headache to return the same to RBI and get crisp notes in exchange.

The iconic 25 paise, that once used to bring joy to my face about as many years ago, is of no worth today. The jingling of coins in the pocket has become out of fashion in this day of plastic money. Anyways, a final adieu to the char aana.

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One response to “25 Paise Coin Out Of Circulation : Char Aana Ka Gaya Zamana

  1. Kishen

    October 31, 2012 at 8:06 PM

    Keep up the good writing. You doing good


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