No One Killed Radhika

10 Mar

On 8th March, when the world was celebrating International Women’s Day and raising a toast to the gen-X women who are brave achievers, have ventured into areas that used to be strictly for men etc, a Delhi girl named Radhika was shot dead from a close range, probably by a stalker.

Radhika was on her way to college, was just climbing a foot-bridge at 10.30am; and amidst a few hundred people she was shot in broad daylight. She obviously succumbed and was declared dead soon enough, but what followed was even more shocking. No one tried to stop the shooter or no one tried to stop him from running away after shooting and no one came forward to become a witness; they callously went about their work.

If this isn’t a repeat of Jessica Lall’s case then what is it? The public raises a finger at the government and low security measure etc. But the public fails to raise a finger on themselves for having shirked from the responsibility altogether. If the civil society does not cooperate with the police and the govt, how will the killer be nabbed?

A few people, in hushed voices, described the killer and the police have been able to make a rough sketch. But this is secondary. The primary question still remains, how long are we going to be a mute spectator? Our country gives us certain rights, but people forget that those rights come along with duties. We fight for our rights but forget our duties!

It was the duty of the people around Radhika to stop the killer from escaping. It was their duty that they at least become witnesses and help the police find the killer. But no! We do what we are good at : silently watching and then crying foul about the system !

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