michael jackson dead … end of an era

26 Jun

its been a sad day in the lives of millions of music lovers and dancers, and not just michael jackson’s fans. the news was as shocking as the death itself. a man in his 50’s with access to best of facilities dies due to cardiac arrest. the paramedics were called, but all they could do was see him enter coma and never to comeback from that state; he was finally declared dead.

for any youngster who grew up in the 1980’s, he must surely tapped his foot to MJ’s tunes and glared wonderously at his moonwalk, mesmerised people with some fantastic music and lyrics. i was a little late on catching up with his music. i did hear ‘beat it’ and ‘smooth criminal’, but i was totally into him when ‘dangerous’ was out. the music was awesome, lyrics were great and each song was picturised beautifully. i saw the ‘jam’ music video for the first time in ‘the world this week’, a news capsule program by ndtv. i loved all the songs of that fantastic album and ran from pillar to post to lay my hands on that album.

his moonwalk is out of the world, nobody comes close to his level of perfection. he was an institution on his own, spoiling an entire generation with ‘break dance’ and the rhythmic tunes. he was a complete entertainer and his songs were well thought out, especially ‘heal the world’ and ‘black or white’…fantastic stuff.

i must confess one thing though. i think his death was a good thing for him as he is finally resting in peace. the last 10 years of his life were filled with controversies. he was just running away from one controversy and landing into another. he was deep in debt, with no money and nothing working for him, he finally decided to do a world tour and raise money. but that didn’t happen. he is now no more, but his songs will remain with us forever.

he was a legend in the true sense, brightening lives and giving hope to millions. its end of an era, may his soul rest in peace.

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