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Love Is In The Air???

I have been hearing this all through yesterday that ‘love is in the air’ ….. but I don’t see where. When I switched on the TV and browsed through a couple of news channel, all I gathered was that there was violence, accident, murders, revolutions and serious national issues being discussed.

There was this discussion about Egypt being under martial law after Mubarak’s departure. Then, there was this unexpected news about Shiv-Sena and other conservative right-wing outfits not playing spoil-sport against Valentine’s Day for whatever reasons, probably to get the youth votes in next assembly elections. A raging debate was on, about the double murder of Aarushi and Hemraj. Not to be left behind, our politicians were also in the news for all the wrong reasons of corruption, scam and embezzlement of funds.

I had enough of news, so I changed my mind and tuned to some music channels. Well, things got worse. There was a mad-mad competition among FMCG products trying to push/force/shove/coerce love into the air. There were ads, one after another, forcing people to fall in love. It was actually the naked face of commodification of love; where the ads were trying to sell dreams, aspirations, holiday destinations, romantic moments, love …. and countless other intangibles. The channel aired almost everything except songs, forget love songs.

I flipped to sports channels and the daily soap operas, but they could not even hold my interest for 10 minutes. So, I turned on the radio and tuned to a couple of FM stations and I was in for some mushy crap. There were listeners clamouring to call up the radio station and narrate their love stories, about how they had met, how they proposed, how they got rejected/disposed etc etc. After a while it got boring and predictable, as I could easily guess what the next caller was about to say.

Anyways, after I was done with the electronic media I moved onto the print media. I read some business news, about depreciating rupee against dollar, merger and de-merger of firms, fluctuating sensex, etc. It was all very good, until I opened the tabloids and turned to page-3 articles and the entertainment news. Some more mushy crap was waiting for me, in there. The pages were filled with columns on how to celebrate v-day, what gifts to buy and what not to buy, how to propose, how to handle rejection etc etc.

For a moment I felt that a hype was being built-up around valentine’s day. After all, it was just another day of the year; and I still felt the same way about my near and dear ones. Neither had the magnitude of my love increased nor decreased, it was the same amount as it is on any other day. I stepped out of my room and walked into the balcony, took a deep breath. I almost choked. I looked up and saw huge clouds of dust and pollution; the air was filled with smoke, saw-dust, pollen, sand, cement particles……..anything but love.

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