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TGIF in Cinepolis [Bannerghatta], Bangalore

Couple of weeks back we ventured into Meenaxi Mall in Bannerghatta to watch Kungfu Panda 2 in Cinepolis. After the movie got over, we ambled into TGIF. The ambience was beautifully vibrant. At the entrance was a model of Harley-Davidson, the American synbol of a good life. The walls of the restaurant was covered with posters of Marilyn Monroe, Beatles, Elvis and other hollywood figures. Then there were some sporting paraphernalia, out on display.  

Here are more details:

Location : On Bannerghatta Road, a little ahead of IIM – Bangalore.

Ambience: Most tables were 2 or 4 seaters, just as they are in the US. And just a few tables of 6/8 that are dedicated to friends and family. All seating in red, typical TGIF.

Cuisine : American/Mexican

Menu : While I cannot list the entire menu, all I can say is that the menu is very identical to the one in US. They have the same potato skins, chicken ranchero, chicken fajita, quesedilia, chicken wings, etc. The drinks are different, where we have good options of wine, scotch, rum, gin etc. Any imported beer costs Rs.350+

Cost : A meal for two will cost about Rs.900/- [minus drinks].

We ordered fish and chips, chicken fajita and baked beans and a chicken ranchero. The grilled fish was mouth-watering and the fajita was very tasty. Adding coke to the food is always a good idea, helps digest faster.

Waiting time is a little high as the staff is inexperienced. Also, you cannot have such unhealthy food frequently; just binge once in a while.

The multiplex has a lot of options like Oye Amritsar and the huge food court which houses cuisines of all sorts. TGIF will have to work on their price if they wish to make a dent in the sales of othet eat-outs. All said and done, I will definitely visit them every now and then.

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