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raajneeti, alice, shutter island : confusion amidst abundance

Some weekends don’t have a single movie worth watching. And then there are weekends, like this one, where I am spoilt for choices. I want to watch all the three releases of this Friday; but lack of time and overpriced tickets are making me think twice. I think I can wait a while because I am quite certain that these movies will stay around for sometime. Island is the most tempting of the 3 movies. Leonardo DiCaprio being directed by Martin Scorsese again, what a treat that would be. Their association in the past has given us The Aviator, Gangs Of NY and The Departed; all fantastic movies. But Shutter Island is different because its a psychological thriller and not a gang-war movie which Scorsese is so brilliant with. Its a genre that he has not attempted before and that’s what makes it so tempting to watch. A master of the art trying his hand in a different genre with a fabulous actor like Leo. I am sure it will be an awesome watch. Hopefully, I will catch-up with it next weekend if not this.

The next best movie is the much awaited Raajneeti which boasts of a stellar cast with names like Naseeruddin Shah, Manoj Bajpai, Nana Patekar who are brilliant in whatever they do; Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor to appeal to the multiplex audience and Arjun Rampal & Ajay Devgan for the supporting cast. The movie’s plot seems to be a good mix of Godfather and the epic Mahabharat. While Godfather has been many adaptations and so has Mahabharat, wonder what the concoction of the two will be like!

Shashi Tharoor’s book The Great Indian Novel is a fine revised version of Mahabharat for the new generation. I hope Raajneeti on celluloid achieves half of what Tharoor achieved with the book. Looking forward to watch this ensemble cast blow the screen.

Tim Burton is another maniac director and among the best we have. Although this movie has arrived late in Bangalore (it was released in Delhi and Mumbai about 3-4 weeks ago), the charm is still around. This animation movie brings to life Lewis Carrol’s famous character, and what is to be watched is how Burton transports this children’s fairytale into his deep dark world.

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