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A Strange “64th Independence Day”

It has been a strange 64th Independence Day, like many others before. Even as our PM, Manmohan Singh, was making a speech at the Red Fort, a 14 year old boy who had scored 97% in his board exams and was a bright student of ITI, was accidentally electrocuted by the naked hanging electrical wires of the MCD. And even as people were out, wining and dining, Ram Sene struck a pub in Mysore for “immoral” activities. The place was ransacked and people were injured due to the violent attack. What freedom was this where a moral brigade, an extra-constitutional body was violating the very tenets of the constitution; and ironically on Independence day.

 While our PM was making an appeal for peace and prosperity, a CISF jawan was beheaded by a maoist in bright daylight; he was pulled out of a bus and done to death. And if that was not enough, a shoe was hurled at the CM of J&K, Omar Abdullah, who was also giving out a message for calm in the valley during his flag hoisting ceremony.

 While malls and shopping arcades were giving away discount sales, the farmers of Vidharbha were busy burning effigies of Aamir Khan to protest against the casual attitude with which farmers have been portrayed and their issue of farmer-suicide is being made a mockery. They accused Aamir of playing with their emotions and at the same time making money out of their misery.

 All this happened on 15th Aug, sigh! What kind of freedom is this where we are always under siege from someone or the other. It just reminds me of a quote by Jean Jacques Rousseau that goes “Man is born free, yet he is everywhere in chains”. 

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bande mei tha dum … vande mataram

Today is Inida’s Independence Day : 15th Aug’s not difficult to market Gandhi and his philosophies; it’s been done to death by people who have used ‘khadi’, ‘charkha’ meaninglessly and his discourses and speeches have been snipped to make quotable quotes. But then, it’s not easy to market him either for precisely the same reasons.

Every time there is an act of non-violence people turn around to question “is Gandhi relevant in today’s time?” I have never doubted his relevance ever. He will be relevant till the end of times; its just the way we market him to reach a wider audience and spread the Gandhian message.

In ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’, the script-writer re-invented Gandhi. Whom the whole world addresses as ‘bapu’, he had the audacity to call him ‘banda’ meaning dude…
That was just the first thing. The psyche behind calling him ‘banda’ was that he could make him relevant to today’s youth and the college going students would identify with him. The moment you call someone ‘banda’ half your burden of respect and honor gets dumped; and you get that feeling of being among your owns.

Now comes the bigger problem of trying to miniaturize his greatness so that people are not intimidated by it. They should not feel that they cannot emulate him. So, what he does next is disguise his greatness, his courage, his fortitude, his inner-calm, his sacrifice into a single word “dum” meaning power/potential…

So, now we have a Gandhi who is a dude with some potential; just like the guy next door. He becomes more approachable and people would not feel dwarfed by his greatness. And the final punch is the reiteration of nationalism in the form of ‘Vande Mataram’.

Our national song just got edited or we can say re-invented, so that the youth of today can sing/hum and make more sense of it. Lets give it a shot : bande mei tha dum … vande mataram; bande mei tha dum … vande mataram


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