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nissan micra to hit indian roads soon

A car from Nissan will finally be hitting the Inidan roads from July onwards. The launch on their new Micra 1.2L engine has been announced.

New Nissan Micra-full details, specs, features and pics-d-2-.jpg

The three variants XE, XL and XV are priced competitevly at about 3.75lacs, 4.25lacs and 4.65lacs respectively.

New Nissan Micra-full details, specs, features and pics-d-3-.jpg

The boot is about 225litre and its gonna compete with Swift and i20. This segment of hatchbacks will also see some fierce competition from ford figo and fiat punto.

New Nissan Micra-full details, specs, features and pics-d-4-.jpg

For more info, checkout TEAM-BHP

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car war … maruti ritz v/s fiat punto

i spotted a red fiat punto on the streets today and it looked awesome from the front and profile view. but its back looked so similar to the back of a maruti swift. i was actually tailing the car and did not really bother to notice it because the back resembled a swift. after overtaking the car i realized it was a fiat punto.

although that’s the case, the car will be compared with maruti ritz and not swift. reason being that, both were launched around the same time; ritz came a little earlier. both are targetting the same ‘hatchback‘ segment. both the cars have had great predecessors in the form of palio and swift, so the competition between these both will be immense.

based on design and safety features punto is way ahead, but ritz is economical and works well for the common man. the after-sales-service of maruti is unbeatable, and that will make sure that the sales of ritz far outdoes the sales of punto.

check out this TEAM-BHP link to know more.

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fiat grande punto – first look

a hatchback from fiat will soon hit the roads in grand style. yes, its the grande punto!

not very impressed with its front look, resembles a tata indica. the rear looks like maruti swift and the profile view is like hyundai getz prime.

this car is the successor of fiat uno, and the hangover of uno can be seen allover its design pattern.

it would be priced around 6lakh including road tax. if its priced more than that, it would be difficult to seek buyers since they face stiff competition from hyundai and maruti in this segment of hatchback.

for more info, check out TEAM-BHP


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honda jazz – finally here

after a long long wait, honda jazz has finally come to india. it was launched yesterday, 10th june; and here are some captures from TEAM-BHP

the car is priced at 7.75 lakhs ex-showroom, and the base model would cost around 7 lakhs

its a rarity that the same model is sold all over the world without any changes in body-design or interiors. the dashboard is just fabulous.

for more info and review, click here

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