Copper Chimney in Indiranagar, Bangalore

26 May

On Sunday, 8th May, we dined out in Copper Chimney, that was inaugrated the same day, in Indiranagar. It was a good dinner and lived upto my expectations. We were on the lookout for a classy family place which serves


 drinks, good non-veg and has a nice ambience. And we found CC. Here are more details:

Location : On 100 Ft Road in Indiranagar, almost at the foot of the flyover which leads to Koramangala.

Ambience: The seating arrangement was good, nice chairs and tables. The tables close to the walls had a sofa attached. All tables had a small candle holder of copper and lighting the candle gave it a nice touch. Good quiet place, and I don’t think they played music of any sort.

Cuisine : North-Indian/Punjabi food [veg and non-veg], drinks are served too.

Menu : While I cannot list the entire menu, all I can say is that it has the regular regular chicken items like Chicken Rarha, Chicken Kadhai, Murg Mussallam and starters like Chakori Kabab, Reshmi Kabab, Chicken Tikka etc. Desserts were also good, say Rabri, Gulab Jamun, Phirni, Kulfi, Halwa etc

Cost : A meal for two will cost about Rs.900/- [minus drinks].

We started out with the regular non-veg starters like kababs and tikka. The preparation was really good, enjoyed it. We then moved onto the main course of chicken kadhai and tandoori roti. We usually avoid rice at dinner, but they did have Pulao & Biriyani. We initially ordered Murg Mussallam, but the waiter was kind enough to inform us that the chicken morsels would be placed on puff of rice. So, we cancelled that.

The only problem was waiting time, it took a little long. The reason could be that since it was inaugrated the same day, things weren’t in place etc. Anyways, after the excellent meal we decided to go for Rabri. Now, sometimes the over-sweetness can kill the dessert and I was hoping that this doesn’t happen. And thankfully it didn’t. The rabri was awesome.

Indiranagar has a lot of eat-outs, but this will surely give a competition to all of them. Although its priced a little high, its worth it. I am sure I will visit this more often.
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