Schedule : FIFA World Cup

11 Jun

All timings in IST

June 11
19.30 Group A South Africa Vs Mexico Johannesburg (SC)

June 12
00.00 Group A Uruguay Vs France Cape Town
17.00 Group B South Korea Vs Greece Johannesburg (SC)
19.30 Group B Argentina Vs Nigeria Port Elizabeth (Ellis)

June 13
00.00 Group C England Vs USA Rustenburg
17.00 Group C Algeria Vs Slovenia Polokwane
19.30 Group D Serbia Vs Ghana Pretoria

June 14
00.00 Group D Germany Vs Australia Durban
17.00 Group E Netherlands Vs Denmark Johannesburg (SC)
19.30 Group E Japan Vs Cameroon Bloemfontein

June 15
00.00 Group F Italy Vs Paraguay Cape Town
17.00 Group F New Zealand Vs Slovakia Rustenburg
19.30 Group G Ivory Coast Vs Portugal Port Elizabeth

June 16
00.00 Group G Brazil Vs North Korea Johannesburg (Ellis)
17.00 Group H Honduras Vs Chile Nelspruit
19.30 Group H Spain Vs Switzerland Durban

June 17
00.00 Group A South Africa Vs Uruguay Pretoria
17.00 Group B Argentina Vs South Korea Johannesburg (SC)
19.30 Group B Greece Vs Nigeria Bloemfontein

June 18
00.00 Group A France Vs Mexico Polokwane
17.00 Group D Germany Vs Serbia Port Elizabeth
19.30 Group C Slovenia Vs USA Johannesburg (Ellis)

June 19
00.00 Group C England Vs Algeria Cape Town
17.00 Group E Netherlands Vs Japan Durban
19.30 Group D Ghana Vs Australia Rustenburg

June 20
00.00 Group E Cameroon Vs Denmark Pretoria
17.00 Group F Slovakia Vs Paraguay Bloemfontein
19.30 Group F Italy Vs New Zealand Nelspruit

June 21
00.00 Group G Brazil Vs Ivory Coast Johannesburg (SC)
17.00 Group G Portugal Vs North Korea Cape Town
19.30 Group H Chile Vs Switzerland Port Elizabeth

June 22
00.00 Group H Spain Vs Honduras Johannesburg (Ellis)
17.00 Group A Mexico Vs Uruguay Rustenburg
19.30 Group A France Vs South Africa Bloemfontein

June 23
00.00 Group B Nigeria Vs South Korea Durban
00.00 Group B Greece Vs Argentina Polokwane
19.30 Group C Slovenia Vs England Port Elizabeth
19.30 Group C USA Vs Algeria Pretoria

June 24
00.00 Group D Ghana Vs Germany Johannesburg (SC)
00.00 Group D Australia Vs Serbia Nelspruit
19.30 Group F Slovakia Vs Italy Johannesburg (Ellis)
19.30 Group F Paraguay Vs New Zealand Polokwane

June 25
00.00 Group E Denmark Vs Japan Rustenburg
00.00 Group E Cameroon Vs Netherlands Cape Town
19.30 Group G Portugal Vs Brazil Durban
19.30 Group G North Korea Vs Ivory Coast Nelspruit

June 26
00.00 Group H Chile Vs Spain Pretoria
00.00 Group H Switzerland Vs Honduras Bloemfontein

Second Round – ROUND OF 16
June 26
19.30 – Group A winner Vs Group B 2nd place Port Elizabeth

June 27
00.00 – Group C winner Vs Group D 2nd place Rustenburg
19.30 – Group D winner Vs Group C 2nd place Bloemfontein

June 28
00.00 – Group B winner Vs Group A 2nd place Johannesburg (SC)
19.30 – Group E winner Vs Group F 2nd place Durban

June 29
00.00 – Group G winner Vs Group H 2nd place Johannesburg (Ellis)
19.30 – Group F winner Vs Group E 2nd place Pretoria

June 30
00.00 – Group H winner Vs Group G 2nd place Cape Town

July 2
19.30 – 1st Quarter-final Port Elizabeth

July 3
00.00 – 2nd Quarter-final Johannesburg (SC)
19.30 – 3rd Quarter-final Cape Town

July 4
00.00 – 4th Quarter-final Johannesburg (Ellis)

July 7
00.00 – 1st Semi-final Cape Town

July 8
00.00 – 2nd Semi-final Durban

Third Place (July 11)
00.00 – Semi-final losers Port Elizabeth

Final (July 12)
00.00 – Semi-final winners Johannesburg (SC)

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