Date Night : Couple In Trouble

26 Apr

Yesterday was a rather lazy day, waiting for the impending IPL finals between CSK and MI. RCB was already out, and they ended up at No.3; thank God for that. So, I wasn’t cheering for anyone. And we decided to go for a movie.
The traffic on road was sparse, and the drive to Fun Cinemas was pretty easy. We reached by 5.20pm and got the Gold tickets. The show was at 7.30pm, and that meant we had to spend 2 hrs meandering about the place.

We moved around the mall and got back just in time only to see that people were standing upright near the steps which led to the auditorium. Oh! the national anthem was being played. I was startled. So much respect for the anthem that people did not even deem it necessary to find their seats first, they just became a statue the moment they heard the anthem. In a way its good, but its also fake! The very same people spit on the roads, throw trash out of the car, drive haphazardly and make a mockery of the system; but here they were standing upright as the most respected citizens of the country. I am still surprised!

Ok, we took our seats and the movie began. It took a slow start with a boring american couple who are busy with work and kids and they don’t find time for themselves. Hence, they come up with the concept of date-night whereby they go on a date once a week to re-ignite the old flames and add some enthusiasm to their lives.

On one such evening, they decide to try a new sea-food joint in Manhattan. The restaurant is full and with no advance bookings made, the Fosters are disappointed. Just when they think of going to another place, the staff announces a table for two for the TRIPLEHORNS.
Now, if the couple hadn’t faked to be the TRIPLEHORNS, they would have been happier; I guess. But no, Mr.Foster claims to be Triplehorn and occupies the table. The Fosters had no idea that the Triplehorns are being hunted by the underworld don for having stolen a flash drive. From here onwards the movie is one hell of a fantastic ride. From being mistaken to be the Triplehorns to impersonating the Triplehorns, from not knowing what a flash-drive is, to boat-ride in Central Park at night to driving a swanky Audi and beating the $hit out of the car with high-speed police chases and car crashes and finally a pole dance in a shady club, the movie has it all.

The couple gets chased by police, by the detectives and by the underworld; while the real triplehorns have already taken a back-pack and disappeared. The laughter and joy is sustained throughout the movie. The couple finally come up with a plan which is a do-or-die.

Steve Carrel and Tina Fey are superb in the role of the Fosters. The chemistry and the physics is awesome between them. The funny lines don’t end and neither does the action. Mark Wahlberg, as detective Holbroke, is pleasant in a shirtless friendly appearance. The movie had the jokes and the gags and what starts as a silly rom-com ends with hilarious dialogues and superb comedy. Don’t miss this one.

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