The Gamechangers : ‘Fake IPL Player’ Writes A Book

13 Mar

The 2nd ecition of IPL [ipl-2] saw the emergence of a blog that go very famous for its scandalous content. A person called himself Fake IPL Player, and he kept revealing details of their team meetings, strategies and late-night parties. He kept everyone guessing as to which IPL team he belonged to, and no one was sure who it was till the very end.

Now, this player is back with a book that contains all the blogs of IPL-2 and other juicy stories. So, rush to get a copy of his new book The Gamechangers

Top blog lines that did not make the book:

From reader’s choice awards – Little John to Bookha Naan where Little John barges into his room and says “You say new pitch, but it’s old pitch. How you say how to do balling when you don’t know pitch”. Amidst FIP’s fans, the fiery dialogue is as famous as the Big B’s lines from Zanjeer!

Top Chapters :

The Legend of Appam Chutiya:


“ ‘Appam Chutiya! Appam Chutiya!’ they chanted as a bemused Prasanth stood in the middle of the room. People were rolling on the floor, clutching their stomachs, tears streaming down their faces……………… The blogger’s special focus on him and the response to his nickname reinforced his belief that he was rich,famous and absolutely irresistible to women.”
Missing Pieces


“They made him jog, which he did willingly. Then they made him sprint, which was in execution at best a fast jog. They made him stretch and i was happy to see that he could actually touch his toes. They made him do crunches, during which he came dangerously close to falling asleep everytime he lay back……………….. The coaches screamed and shouted at him to go for it, but he said, ‘Too far’ and waited for the next ball”

The Moment of Truth


“I looked up and saw Ashok staring at me. ‘Yaar,’ I said, ‘Woh hum sabko Appam Chutiya bana raha hai’ ”

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