Wake Up Sid, Smell The Coffee!

04 Oct

So, what’s wrong with Sid? And why is he still asleep? Isn’t there anyone to tell him that morning has long gone and its almost afternoon. Being a night person does not really mean that people get up at dusk!

Ranbir Kapoor as Sid is the right choice. Youthful, exhuberant, curious, romantic, the guy next door etc. But where the screenplay has really gone wrong is in the first half.

A protagonist who insults his mother for no fault of hers, who has no respect for his dad’s hardwork can never win the sympathy of the audience. Sid manages to do that in the second half of the movie, but it was too late. It was a foregone conclusion that the script would take such a turn.

What’s baffling is the fact that we have a guy in his 20’s, who belongs to business family and does not aspire to get into business; let alone his dad’s business. What’s worse, he meets a girl who wants to go on a walk with him and he doesn’t get the idea of sleeping around with her. No kidding, he does not know about the birds and bees. His dad is a tycoon and we don’t see girls throwing themselves on him, not even in parties. What kind of retard screenwriting is this?

The director, Ayan Mukherjee,  knows where he wants to go but does not know how to get there. He uses a dozen of cliches and a bunch of cut-paste jobs from movies like Dil Chahta Hai etc, to fill the void in his movie.

One of the cliches being Rahul Khanna, who has been stereotyping himself and last seen in Love Aaj Kal in the same kinda scenes. And the other cliche being Konkona Sen Sharma as Aisha, what’s wrong with her? Isn’t she tired of playing ‘new girl in the city’. Pick any movie and you get that from her, Laga Chunri Mei Daag, Life In A Metro, Luck By Chance etc. She does well in the movie, giving her piece of mind to Sid and helping him in overcoming his oversleep-disorder. Only if his parents had done that… oh! then then we would not have the movie at all.

The director is unable to handle even the two friends that he created, Laxmi and Rishi. Somehow he kept forgetting both of them. And the moment he recalled them he canned a shot  and forget about them again, almost like memory-lag.

The one thing that Ayan has been able to do well was the ‘coming-of-age’ bit. The romance between Sid and Aisha was handled well, he explored the relationship and helped it blossom. Sid not only wakes up but also finds himself all grown up and mature, albeit a little late. The friendship turning into respect and then love was beautiful, the saving grace of the movie. I sincerely hope that he makes a better movie next time around and does not get carried away by the success of this one.

Anupam Kher and Supriya Pathak as parents were awesome in the movie. Supriya especially was superb as the trying-to-speak-english mom. She emoted so much even without any dialogues, that was touching. Ranbir was awesome, this guy will go places. He acting is improving, it can be seen in the emotional scenes. He did better in this movie than waht he had done in Bachna Ae Haseeno.

Finally, the movie will do well because we have loads of Sids around us who will identify with the movie. Unfortunately, these Sids will go back home after the night show, oversleep the next morning and will continue to be dazed and confused.


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2 responses to “Wake Up Sid, Smell The Coffee!

  1. Shehrazad

    October 8, 2009 at 7:52 AM

    Let’s take this one-by-one.

    1. Wake up sir, look around. There are hundreds of Sids around us who have NO interest in slogging their butts in family business which their Dad created, so used to living a life of comfort and luxury that it is very hard for them to “wake up.”

    2.Even I found the “fact” weird that Sid has no girls over him, or in his life. Now that something is really tough to swallow, especially if you are watching a “modern day” movie.

    3. True that no pain was taken to develop any other characters but Sid and Aisha. Spare Sid’s parents, really no one else is noticeable.

    More? Here we go:

    • crazyrals

      October 8, 2009 at 2:21 PM

      one thing i have noticed is that, if any such Sid is not interested in their dad’s business its because they have a motivation for something else; they may want to do different things. unlike this movie where he does not even know what he wants to do, does not seem to have interest in anything, lacks enthusiasm….
      read ur review too, pretty ok…


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