writing a story …

09 Aug

couple of weeks back a friend of mine, who is an ad director, called me up to discuss a movie plot. he actually had a set idea, a couple of characters in mind and a few plot scenes which included a brief of the climax. he was just doing a round of snap poll, calling up his friends, to know if the idea has potential. and to ask if i could suggest a few more plot points etc

i liked the idea, so i decided that i would take those characters and write a story on it. but its so difficult to be original. after every sentence i just kept getting ideas from movies that i had seen and books that i had read. now, i do not want to lift any piece; i dont even want to be remotely inspired by works of others. thats where all my effort is going into, trying my best to avoid getting “inspired”.

wrote a couple of paras and have the basic structure in mind. lets see how long it takes me to live with this idea and then transfer that into some good writing, still working on it …

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Posted by on August 9, 2009 in movies, personal


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