looking out for a treadmill, any suggestions ???

19 Jul

i was just out, looking for a treadmill in the streets of bangalore. never knew that there were so many models with so many considerations to make.

initially, i had made up my mind to buy a manual one. but the instructor [not the sales woman] informed us that the manual is not good in the long run. it causes back-ache because the entire impetus is on us to get the belts running. so, a lot of stress falls on the back in doing this. hence manual is not suggested. of course, the price difference is the issue here. while the manual ones come for less than 10k, the automatic ones are above 20k range. so, more than double.

the next consideration was foldable or non-foldable. the foldable one gives us more room and the floor beneath it can be cleaned too. this liberty is lost in the non-foldable one. but non-foldable has stability. since its always grounded, it gives a permanent stability. the foldable ones have to be adjusted everytime we unfold it.

finally, the brand…which ones are better? afton, stayfit, weslo caddence, toppro etc.

so, if you have any previous experience with it or you have any advices/considerations that i must make, then please do let me know. thanx in advance…

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One response to “looking out for a treadmill, any suggestions ???

  1. Rakesh

    July 20, 2009 at 7:56 PM

    suggestion: walk on streets! 🙂


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